Renoise Live 04/14/12

Thought I would share me playing with renoise live at a local 8bit music event ( I made my own paper-plate bean shaker maracas and glued bows and googley eyes on them so I can play them along to the music playing in renoise on my brand new dm1z.

Nice!! :)

I just happened to Google something about Renoise and this thread came up. I was there, I played the open mic as well. Couldn’t hear the home made instruments but the performance and song were great. Just purchased Renoise can’t wait to start creating some tracks with it.

Hahaha sweet! Small world eh? yeah renoise is me favorite program ever, i hope you enjoy it! btw which artist are you?

Defiant Systems. I played last on the open mic.

Rats! Yours was one of the ones i missed whem i was outside talking, hopefully ill get chance to hear you at the next one, im loving what im hearing on your soundcoud!