Renoise Logo Images

Does anyone happen to have a nice size renoise image, kind of like the top right logo of this page? There is a kiosk at the local mall that does embroidery and I want them to make a renoise ballcap for me. They have a cap that is Khaki colored so I’d like them to put the crimson renoise logo on the hat. I’m pretty sure all I’ll have to do is gif them a disk with the image on in and the machine can do it.
Please post the image if you happen to have it.

[i]To the devs,[/i] I’m not going to be profiteering with the image, I just want this place to make me a renoise hat for my own head to wear.

thank you

Maybe this one is good enough:

edit: hm, just noticed that “e” looks different… so maybe not good enough

Seems like the logo look one way on the website and another in the program… should perhaps be reported in the bug forum…

Should be easy enough to change the ‘e’, shouldn’t it?

robotrobot: Post a pic of the cap when it’s done, will ya? :)

So, which one is the right one?

sagosen : sure, I was already planning to show it off :)

dby: I’d imagine the renoise e that we see up there…it’s funny I actually use one of the wallpapers for my desktop and never noticed the line missing in the e…I’d rather use the one with the same e as the official logo up there, but if not I guess I’ll bring the one larger logo and also the smaller on and maybe they can still make it the right way…I suck at photoshop so I wouldn’t even know how to repair it myself

I also guess that the site logo is the right one - but the logos in the program, and on the blue box that’s on many pages here (“order your copy today”) the logos are missing lines on the e.

Great eye ther dby.
I agree, now that i checked the actual program
What’s weird is that the renoise when the program opens doesn’t have the line in the e, However, the background of the tip of the day popup box (if you have this enabled) has the renoise logo with the “detailed” e . SOOO out of the two possible times that the User is presented the renoise logo in the actual program, it has one without the more detailed e and the other one with…

I’m going to go ahead and use the renoise.png from the wallpapers directory because my eye never caught it before and when I load up the program it’s the first version of the logo I see…besides any renoisers will recognize the logo regardless how detailed the e is

I get paid more money thursday so I’ll be showin’ off my hat soon