Renoise Longtrack Project Ii

There was a discussion about this on e-mail, and then suddenly one month silence. What happened?

Sorry for bugging B)

I’m wondering that too… But I didn’t want to harass the process by posting heaps of stuff, seeing that I’m a LT2 n00b.

Last thing I remember we were still deciding on vsts and who should go first.

We should go gentle, it’s better not to force anyone’s creativity. People might have other issues more important.

For now, I just keep listening to LT1, and learning.

I agree 100%

Actually I don’t have the time myself for this atm, I just wanted to know the current status.

has LT1 been released somewhere?
i mean the .rns file?


This is amazing, I didnt know there was such a project. Great material to learn from!
Only I wish i had a faster computer with more ram. It took 10minutes to load and 5 minutes to start playing the rns file :)

thanks. impressive piece of music and a great effort by everybody contributing to it.
really loved xerxes contrib :P

i havent seen a post from Bantai in a long time… wasnt he one of the main collaborators/decision makers of this project? i know i probably made him pretty damn mad several occasions, but it sucks that it seems hes gone.

Like said before people come and go for reasons totally outside of this forum and Renoise. Life is a pretty tricky mofo sometimes!

Gilli and PTrance seemed to be organising LT2 this time around. Perhaps if you contact them directly you’ll find what you seek. However, from my point of view I’m in no position to rush things.

I’ve many favourite parts to LT1, but you gotta admit that chippy at the end by PTrance amps you up!

I’m still interested…


Well… I´m here :blink:
My net was out of order for some weeks again and I´m seriously thinking about to change my provider :angry:

About Gilli. I don´t know exactly what´s up with him, but the last time he seemed to be a bit down and busy aswell.

Yay! :yeah:

Bantai… teh last thing I know that he made a trip to China and afterwards I was told that his net was gone either. But that was actually a pretty long time ago. :unsure:

Anyway, all longtrackers should check their mail. It´s going on.


I actually don´t know how many members we are right now. I´m coming back to you if we have still some free places.