Renoise Longtrack Project

here you can download a quite-low-fidelty version (9MB OGG) of the first 16 minutes of the Longtrack Project.

As of now, the participants who tracked a part of it were (in order of appearance):



edit: err… mistyped URL corrected

Nice start to the project, good to see variation of tempos + moods. Everyones individual styles add something to the piece. Look forward to hearing the whole thing once its finished.

keep it up people :)


ok good B)


and don´t forget to visit the project page for informations, updates, if you are keen into whats going on, who is progressing atm… bla :)

I´m impressed!
On the webpage it would be nice to know when everyones part starts and ends…

There´s a rough overview. (who was - who´s busy - who´s open)

I made it in that way because we didn´t set a real turnorder
This is because some of us just can´t be so flexible (workers, etc.) :(

Part booking only by requesting :)

you can see the list here

Part V is added!

see " " to get a lofi-preview

erm… did you meant something like a timeline (like It-Alien from 0:00 til 2:02 etc???) ??? :blink:

I agree… :) :)

Part 7 is available

(originally part 6 I think but due some confusion of myself… :blink: )

22 minutes reached!

get a lo-fi preview here (12MB)


don’t forget to check official LongTrack project homepage for other details.

and if you´re to lazy to listen to the whole preview you can also download a short preview, only including the last piece, at the official LongTrack homepage


hmph… It-Alien is to fast for me :P

Part 9 is out

lofi-preview is as always available at

Part X has arrived B)

grab the lofi-preview at

Just to keep this thread fresh you could give some nice comments to the last released part-preview :)


Preview for Part 11 arrived :drummer:

Hey people :(

There is no way I can finnish my part…

I could bore you with details on why… let’s just say that I have a valid exquse.

Furthermore… I would like it if you could take me off the project… If I were to have yet another go at this… and fail again… I would just feel that I’m letting people down and stalling the project. (more a fact than a feeling actually)

I would like to stay on the mailing list though and I will also (if you like) upload the stuff I have done so far.

Once again, I’m verry sorry.


(Good luck to the rest of your though! ^_^ )

np ;)

upload the song to the ftp and we´ll see if it´s usuable enough to go on with.
Mailinglist thing: It´s up to you if you unsuscribe, so I think no worries here.

… and there were only 10 left :(

Ok, maybe the participating people are taking some more attention in the forum:


I just want to know if I´m talking, argueing etc. with myself in the mails I send.
Or is there maybe something wrong with the mailinglist??? :blink:


P.T., i got your mail!

Uhm, who’s next?

Can’t we do like we did before, if the person who is supposed to continue don’t want to, or is not available, someone say “ME!” and we can continue on this…


If possible I’d like to add on a couple patterns. The more the merrier I think :P. Lemme know if it’s ok guys.

i can allso rape your all hard work :D