Renoise Lua Live Screencasts / Tutorials

One of the ideas that was floating about on IRC today was to have live Lua coding tutorials / screencasts.

We did a very small trial today and I think it was fair to say it is possible.

While the framerate of the stream was low (15fps), the resolution was quite high (1024x768) and I understand the text was very readable.

Comments / questions are handled through the irc channel which I have open on another monitor (~45 second delay on the video though).

I will need to purchase a microphone though, as otherwise it’s a fairly silent affair.

Would people be interesting in something like this?

If so please leave a reply below and describe what you would like to get out of such tutorials, what topics you would like it to cover and also what level of experience you already have with programming (if any). This would allow us to better target the topics.


not so sure id like a live tutorial, but im sure others would…could you stick them up to youpoob after?

mxb, I think this would be very helpful to many people.

Knowing only the function oriented programming, I’d like to learn more about OO in lua (classes and table candy). Also a fairly indepth tutorial on how to generate a gui would be helpful.

perhaps a channel on youtube with some kind of video tutorial would be cool cause we are not all of us on the same time channel so realtime chat is probably complex
i would really like some lua tutorial but from the ground up cause last time i make some code it was visual basic on atari ST when i was really young making rpg in text mode … yeah that’s ghetto.
LUA seems so cool but a little bit complex to me

Me too. In case of gui especially creating a pretty gui with aligning and so on.


don’t just announce this stuff on irc, point it out elsewhere too. (@renoise on twitter, obviously, etc). . . some of us aren’t on irc anymore.

I would really love to take part in learning LUA with some folks! +1

Beginner tutorials and just general discussions over real world coding principles and examples in tools would be awesome.

Also, general Lua usage in Renoise in non-tool settings. (Such as formula device, nifty workflows etc.) :D

Have you considered doing a podcast: two+ person discussion/question-answer type format? Something like audio only with available snipets of code to download would probably work well and take out a lot of the hassle of making videos.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

i think it’s time someone took the time to create a simple menu entry, keybinding and midimapping of a certain API function. maybe stop, or play, or something. if one can get over that hurdle, one can get over any hurdle, pretty much.

Yes, the stream will be recorded. I think it would be easier to stream live as I can get instant feedback on any clarifications / going too fast etc.

The streaming site also keeps a recorded version, I may be able to put them on YouTube but I would need to remove the 10 minute limit first. Maybe another video hosting site would be better (e.g. vimeo,

Object orientated programming is one of the topics planned to be covered, but not until a later episode.

See above regarding YouTube and show recording. I think starting from the very basics (what is a variable, different types in lua etc.) will probably be for the best.

Again, ViewBuilder should be covered later on, once the basics are covered.

Any screencasts will be announced on the forum in advance (ideally a week), I’ll see if someone will post them on the twitter feed too. IRC is just for the realtime live feedback and discussion.

I have listened to audio only podcasts and I personally didn’t find them as helpful as video for technical topics. Maybe this is just how I learn, but it’s much easier to strip the video and make an audio only version.

Yes, the plan is to start with the very basics of the lua language and then move onto ‘simple’ API functions such as those you have suggested.

Thanks for the feedback so far.

Great and generous idea!

Look forward to seeing any object oriented stuff covered.

  • 1 B) twitter is where is at. also… you can do live shows here, but I’m not sure if they cost anything

I don’t use google plus, cause frankly… I’m scared of google… but I hear the hangouts are nice.

and is the live screencast/tutorial giver guy supposed to also imagine the concept to finished product, since you don’t want it to be a toggle only? i must say, this thread needs to go both ways (both providing information, both sides) for you to get what you want. so what did you have in mind?

They don’t mention anything about subscription fees. You do can charge people for joining a session, i guess when you do that, a small amount of your revenue will be deducted by the host.

I would LOVE this!

I’ve just made a sort of transport controller in using OSC, now I can use an old joypad to control stuff in Renoise :yeah: