Renoise + M-audio Radium 49 Question

Hi Renoise crew… :D

I’m having some problems getting my USB keyboard to play chords properly when in Renoise.

I’ve tested the keyboard’s ability to play chords when using a standalone VST (just to rule it out) and that works fine, but when I’m in renoise and I try and play a chord all i’m hearing is 1 or 2 of the keys being played rather than the whole chord - and I’m not even in record mode at this point.

I’m wondering if there is something really basic and simple I need to do to get this working?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated as I’ve looked through the WIKI and I’m still none the wiser.

Thanks in advance.


I presume you mean MIDI keyboard?
With an ordinary keyboard there is the keyboard handling routine of Renoise interfering with the plug and because of these mappings scanning for multiple keys are done differently which prevents you of being capable of creating certain chord combinations.

Yeah I meant playing in chords with the MIDI keyboard. Playing chords on the normal pc keyboard would be interesting to say the least!! :P

Obviously, if I typed in all the notes of the chords in the pattern editor, renoise then plays the chords absolutely fine, but actually playing them live without even recording them into the pattern editor, renoise isn’t playing all 3 (or more) notes.

Got any bright ideas please vvoois?



Have you put chord mode on?

On top left of Renoise you can enable/disable chord mode.

Ahhh good question!! :blink:

Which button is for chord mode then?

This one is for polyphonic mode.
Also, chords are only inserted when you “play” the song in record/edit mode.
If you want to have the full chord added when you are not playing the pattern, you need to hold the shift-key and strike your chord.

Hi there, I’ve got Renoise 1.5.2 and I’ve never seen that button ever!! Is there something wrong with my Renoise?

1.5 doesn’t have this, 1.8 has.
In 1.5 polyphonic mode is always on, but also the play or edit mode story still counts.
When the pattern editor is not playing you need to hold shift and strike your chord when you want to insert a chord in to the track.
If the pattern plays, you can jam the chord in.

And also only if you follow players position (enable/disable by the Scroll Lock button)