Renoise & Mac Mini


is anyone using renoise on a mac mini, or a similar spec mac? Im thinking of buying one and id like to use it just for music production (using renoise)…i use a few vsts and vst effects but nothing very hardcore…do you think a 1.4ghz mac mini with 512mb would cope? I have a PC already so im not really looking to replace it…just add to my setup :)


i think it would work pretty good, the demo of 1.5.1 works pretty well on my 500mhz ibook wth 768 ram running 10.3.9.
once you notice the sound quality you might realize you want to do alot more on it.
you’ll also notice that the 1.4ghz runs alot faster/better than a 1.4 ghz wintel.

awesome :) i think you have tipped the scales :yeah:

Wait until thursday, upgraded Mac Minis are expected!

fantastic :rolleyes:

They are upgraded! :D Not really a big improvement over the older models though… more memory, that’s about it…

i found a site that you can buy older models of ibooks and powerbooks if your looking for something portable.