Renoise Mac Users

Seeing that there are way lots more of VST effects and instruments for windows than for Mac, I wonder how do the people in Mac use Renoise. Do you use fundamentally samples plus the built-in effects or do you use VST’s as well?

I personally I’m not a big fan of VST’s since they introduce dependencies in your songs: if for some reason you lose a VST or are unable to get it to work, you can’t play a song anymore (I had this problem lots of times using Buzz and various machines and vst’s).

So I wonder if this technology has somehow evolved and how do the mac users play with renoise… :rolleyes:

There’s plenty of VST for OS X. Do a search here:

#3 is OS, choose “Mac OS X”. There are hundreds of choices.

Of course, since OS X migrated to Intel, there are fewer choices because a lot of the PowerPC (G4/G5) VSTs have not been maintained. But still… how many VST’s do you really need? Isn’t 500+ pretty decent? A quick glance shows I have 73 VST installed, and 18 VSTi installed. Mixing and matching stuff yourself gets the job done. I can’t complain.

Hey, I’m not complaining… I’m just asking what do the mac renoise experts do :slight_smile:

It’s ages since I last used VST’s and when I looked for mac vst’s I really didn’t find much info… i guess I just looked in the wrong places! I’m not a VST abuser but they could come in handy.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

As a Mac Renoise expert ( B) ) I don’t use much plugins (only FreeAlpha and sometimes Crystal and/or Orca)
I use the native effects in Renoise and a bunch of hardware for sounds (or I design my own).

To me it always seems that most VST’s and VSTi’s always use too much processor power or crash the host application. Sometimes I use them to help shape sounds, but never when putting songs together in Renoise. I prefer the native effects and designing my own sounds too.

im pretty into reaktor 5, so i just load that up within renoise and everything sounds lovely… oh, and i always have my hardware to record…

sampledelic all the way (mostly :stuck_out_tongue: )

but i have recently fallen in love with using VSTi as bass synths. it screwed me over recently when i migrated to my first intel mac. a song i’ve been working on uses nwbass which is currently only PPC. it f****ing blows.