Renoise Makes "click" Sounds

I feel that Renoise 1.9.1 is less stable than 1.9.0.

In 1.9.0 I rarely crashed, and in 1.9.1 I crash quite often. Especially when loading VST instruments.
Also, something very noticeable, is that 1.9.1 makes click/pop sounds when starting and stopping playback of instruments that are more “sineish” in nature.

Is this happening to anyone else?
Is there anything in the preferences that I can change?

I am not using ASIO.

Also, this is very distinct - 1.9.0 loads my VSTs much much faster (when I choose a VST instrument on an instrument slot), and all its disk access functions look faster.
Even when I am loading some big preset on a rompler VST, 1.9.0 loads it faster than 1.9.1

Am I imagining things? Can someone who knows the insides of 1.9.1 confirm if there were changes in areas that cause these changes for the worst?

It is annoying me to the point that I am considering rolling back to 1.9.0.

1.9.1 runs perfectly glitch free here, tho I don’t have 1.9.0 installed for comparison with the vst(i) loading. Maybe you’re using different preference settings in each version?

I vaguely remember something being changed for improving crash recovery when loading songs, maybe this is what slowing things somewhat down?? Maybe I’m tripping tho & it is something else.

If something was touched in crash recovery, I think it may be a good place to look for those bugs.
The crashes in 1.9.1 are nasty.
Previously, in 1.9.0, when I returned from a crash, Renoise told me that it had crashed and that I can recover the song somehow (never bothered checking)

In 1.9.1, I returned with no such message, and my work was gone.

If it helps to pinpoint the problem (if any) - I am usually quite anxious to open the VST window with numpad0, so I am pressing numpad0 right after I press the Enter to load the VST:
F2 -> “nexus” -> tab -> enter -> numpad0

doing it all in a little under 200 milliseconds… :)

Are you loading old songs made in old trackers by chance?…st&p=123785

@ Icarus: what plugins do you use that crash renoise?

No no. Just loading a simple VST.
For example, Nexus with the preset “Dance Piccolo” from the “Classical” category.
Put a couple of notes, then I start the playback (alt) and stop it (space)

I am betting it will be the same with any simple sine.
Although I know sines are prone to clicks when attacking or releasing abruptly, I for some reason do not remember noticing them at 1.9.0

A quite noticeable click.
Although, when the track is masked with effects and other sounds, this click is gone or at least well hidden.

It is not consistent.
In general, I play a lot with Nexus, Massive and Circle.
Nexus was 100% stable in 1.9.0 and now it crashed me at least once
Massive crashed me at least twice
Circle crashed me a few times.

There may have been a Cantor 2 related crash also.

During these crashes, Renoise just instantly disappears from the eye as if it was all but a nice dream :)

Windows: Windows XP5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2  
Memory (RAM): 2047 MB  
CPU Info: Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz  
Sound card: Realtek HD Audio output  
Display Adapters: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT   
Hard Disks: Western Digital WDC3200YS-01PGB0   
 C: 58GB | D: 239GB | E: 298GB  
Motherboard: Gigabyte 965G-DS4  

Please first check if you are using the same Audio config in Renoise 1.9.1 and in 1.9.0. Things like VST loading time and general responsiveness do mainly depend on the set up audio latency. Have you maybe used ASIO in Renoise 1.9.0. Have you changed your Audio drivers? Have you set up an audio capture device in 1.9.1 which you didn’t in 1.9.0? Are you using a higher latency in 1.9.1?

About the crackles:
I dont have nexus here, so I can not test this. Could you please give us another example? Can anyone else replicate this click with nexus? Might be “normal” though that some patches click on note offs…

About the crashes:
First, the problem is not the crash backup, but the crash itself. So please let us try to find out more about this. If Renoise even does not attempt to save a crashbackup, its quite likely that not Renoise but some loaded component has crashed and shuts down the app (for example the VST). Drivers might also be the reason for this, but this is very unlikely.

Could you please send me you log.txt file from The Renoise 1.9.1 preferneces folder (, then I will try to see if that gives us some more hints.

And finally:
Beside that we want to know why this happens in 1.9.1: if 1.9.0 works better for you, I see no reason why you should bother with 1.9.1 if all you want to do is doing music. Let the problems be my job and stick to 1.9.0 if you know that this works for you…

Done prior to posting this message. All the same, no driver update no config changes.

Will try to replicate with one of the free VSTs, and post results.
EDIT: Tested with some others, so far unable to replicate. Maybe it is a only problem?

Do you need it right after crash, or send what I have now?

Natudally, I dont want to stay behind. :)

To be 100% sure trash the V1.9.1 preferences folder. On startup Renoise will then copy over the prefs from the latest available version (1.9.0 in your case).

As I’ve said above: Some presets simply might click on note offs…

Please send me the complete log file. It contains the logs of previous runs as well…

Where is the preferences folder? I do not see anything that may be it inside the Renoise folder.
Is it C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Renoise\V1.9.1 ?
Guess so.

Scratch that: Found and sent.