Renoise Markers To Slices

Can we please have an option to import wav files rendered by Renoise with the generated markers read as slices.

Reason: Adjusting some tracks and trying to pull bits to have a good play with the likes of Cells. Match tempo of loaded file in Renoise. Render song. You have a file with lots of markers. Reload file into Renoise and if you could have these automatically read as slices then it would be easy to audition them and take any chunks as looped sections for playing around live.

Currently you have to either export each pattern as a separate file, which takes more time to go through (although doable) or use the Snap To setting in the Sample Editor and slice manually (or a tool would do it, not sure if one currently exists.)


Trying to sort some old tracks which I don’t have the plugins installed any more (but do have the rendered tracks) into something at least vaguely resembling a live set or mix and this would make it so much easier to prepare.

Along with the below suggestion to be able to easily navigate markers:

Bump. Markers > slices would be a very useful feature.

And also - when rendering songs it would be sweet if pattern names also would be written to marker names.