Renoise Master Spectrum Analyzer

Please it it’s possible, the Master Spectrum need to be more preciese.
Spec Analyzer is always a good pont to fix Drumz and Bass to not kill each others etc-.
Right now the Spec is a bit slow.

  • Selections by track numbers to view what track we need to see
  • Hold Peak is need it
  • Below in 100hz is not preciese, if i cut everything below 100hz i get the same results in the display
  • Above in 10K in the view is didn’t display the correct values (sometimes i get noise line)
  • 70dB is not enough
  • Screen lock is always a good tool to chek after-before or one track to another, to see the differences

maybe you can create a MasterSpectrum version for one Native Plugin and we’re insert where we need it
i think this is the best way, if you don’t want update Spectrum then please create Native Plugin.

Thank you.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about that also lately… generally it would be cool if Renoise would allow to select tracks. To move/mute/solo them as a group, to copy and paste pattern contents, for advanced edit, and for the master spectrum to show all/all selected/all unselected tracks…

But with an adjustable falloff please. An averaging mode would rock, too!

If a native plugin is done, why not add a list of instances of it to the master spectrum, so you can switch between views? No need to reinvent the wheel here I think…

In the meantime, here’s a great free plug-in (Windows + OS X):

Show selected tracks output/master output switch? Or behaviour like when clicking on master see master but when clicking somewhere else then see clicked and another clicked when if clicked too?

Peak and falloff rate thumbs up, maybe also response time setting for average to get really average if wanted? And what’s up with lines? couldn’t we get some other graph and resolution settings?

I’m guessing you already looked, but there’s a few good free spectrum analyzers out there. Couldn’t you just stick one on the master track, or am I missing something?

Yeah, having it visible at all times without covering anything else. Also probably being faster.