Renoise Merchandise

Gremlins in the works! When I searched just Zip earlier it didn’t show a single hoodie in the results (main Spredshirt site, not Renoise.) Also thought I remembered it coming up before.

They are also one of the most ethical clothes manufacturers in the world. I know my girlfriend would be happy they’ve chosen to go with them and wouldn’t complain if I was to get her something (although not quite so sure about it being Renoise based…) Some may not quite like the reports of immigrant workers but compared to sweetshops in India, and the fact they openly oppose America’s immigration laws, plus the steps in environmental and ecological ethical working all say more than enough for them to satisfy me.

I admit I only had a quick glance, combination of being at work and recovering means I am quite likely to miss a lot of the obvious at the moment :P

If it’s American Apparell it will have an “AA” next to it.

Is it possible to update the Spreadshirt Europe store with this (Men’s Retro Sport Tee + full Renoise logo) t-shirt design? I’d like to buy this shirt, but it was only available in the international store. I know there is a similar combination in the EU store (Men’s Retro Sport Tee + simple Renoise logo), but the full logo would be much better:)

I’ll try to take care of this soon.

Thank you!

Un-done the subject of the thread until it’s done?

Sincerely, master of sentences.