Renoise' Midi Cc Graphical Curves

I love the idea that you can create curves and stuff using the graphical envelopes in Renoise, for use with transmitting MIDI CC values etc.

I noticed on other sequencers, like Cubase, their graphical CC windows are more spartan.

You can’t draw curves and stuff, like you can with Renoise.

Is this because painting in continuous complex curves clogs up the data transmission of MIDi when sending out all of this MIDI CC data, for every step/tick, over several channels, each with several MidiCC curves, all at once, resulting in this concept being avoided in Cubase, etc?

I’m wondering more about realtime controlling of external hardware synths via MIDI sequencing rather than internal software VST-Is, as hardware synths are what I use, and furthermore you can’t “bounce down” audio channels with hardware synths, so accurate MIDI transmission in realtime is relatively important when mixing down externally.

Are there any other sequencer programs for PC that offer Midi CC graphical envelope control like Renoise? External Midi transmission isn’t so tight with Renoise naturally, even before doing this curvy Midi CC stuff (as JSwift has mentioned before regards external sample triggering), so I’m forced to look for possible alternatives.


This program might be of interest:

Zynewave Podium


Pricetag is 90$/90€

Anders Kallander

renoise devs should nick those ideas.
that screenshot looks very apealling Psycho. :D

i cant say anything to your “external midi” -idea. but i want to say that i like your screenshots. the stucture of these automation is like it shoud be in renoise. its only a graphical issue but i think its really necessary to see the envelopes layered above each other. (-> look at Timo’s screenshot)
that could push (in a dynamic way) your workflow on drawing automation

In saying that, I liked the way that Digital Performer (albeit on Apple Macs) could overlay CC data graphically.

Guess Renoise could do something similar, but a bit neater.

Where you can see all CC data layered via transparencies for any particular track in a pattern. You could select from buttons below which particular CC data curve is on the ‘top’ of the pile, and it displays the handles accordingly so you can edit that top-most CC curve at any one time. For example in the above picture, the orange Velocity curve is selected, and the handles for that curve appear so you can edit it. Or there could be a button to “Solo” that curve, temporarily.