Renoise Midi Input Acting Strange

Hi guys. I need help, desperately. I have M-Audio Midisport Uno and Yamaha CS1x.

When playing MIDI-song everything is working fine, but when I want to record/play I run into troubles. When I press a key in CS1x Renoise creates several columns at once, see picture here..

So far I have tried installing latest midi-drivers from M-Audio and factoryreseted the CS1x. Same happens on old and new Renoise.

Any idea what could be causing this?

The only thing i can think of is that you have played some chords that didn’t set a note-off but still occupying the notecolumn used for the note-on and as soon as you started record mode and added another note, it got automatically expanded to a note-column where no audio was yet playing.
Even if your instrument faded out, without note-off, the audio-column is not released for a new note.
But what did you do exactly before you set edit mode?

I am able to repeat this behaviour by switching on CS1x, starting Renoise, select sample, hit editmode and press a key on synth. I was suspecting there would be some setting in synth that could cause this so thats why also tried in factorysettings. It still maybe a problem in CS1x but I feel strange no-one has not encountered this before as it’s pretty common synth among us.

Also I now noticed that the cursor isn’t going down the pattern as it does when I press a note from keyboard, it should shouldn’t it?

I see 12 columns in your pic.
if it would been 16 I’d guess you have the CS1x on Omni mode and Renoise takes this in a weird way.
but nonetheless maybe something to check which channel it’s on.

have you any other synths laying around to rule out if it is the M-audo or the CS1x?

and maybe a dumb question but is your edit step under the sequencer on ‘0’?
that may may explain why the cursor won’t go a step further.

I’ll be damned. I tried switching off Chord-mode from Renoise (did nothing else, absolutely nothing) and all seems to be working fine now… lines are advancing as normal and no more extra-columns. And whats even more strange everything is working fine even if I switch the chord-mode back on… so all what was required was to switch chord-mode off one time. I’ll start composing again after a few months break … can’t wait to get back home from work :)

Thanks for your help

You shall never see 16 columns as Renoise only expands up to 12 :)
Nevertheless that it seems solved, i’m still wondering what happened, perhaps Dr. Drips gave a good clue.