Renoise "missing plugin" error when opening projects with Repl

I’m on a mac and I found one post that said deleting all “registry entries” dealing with Renoise fixed their missing plugin issues. What is the equivalent of that on Mac?

Rescanning doesn’t work, restarting Renoise doesn’t work, but sometimes Renoise will crash with the issue and the plugins, and even the presets they were on, will load fine after the crash.

I used Renoise for a month a couple of months ago but got back into it and have been using it for a couple weeks again now and this is the first time it has happened. The issue permeates across projects. It _currently_seems to be fixed but how can I fix it quickly the the future? The “registry entries” thing seemed to work for one guy.

Link to that post? If you mean the blacklist, you can edit it with a free sqlite editor. You will find the plugin and blacklist databases in the Renoise config dir.