Renoise N00b

Hi folks

Many of you know me already (IRC) and I’ve been about the tracking scene many years now, although, maybe surprisingly I’ve never touched a PC tracker before. My prior experience lay with the Amiga, and one or two tracks of reasonable (although by no means good) tracks made in Protracker, and more recently chip tunes in AHX, also on the Amiga.

Now, up until now my main composing has been done with hardware - synthesizer workstations, rackmounts, PC sequencer and samplers, and in 2006 I hit a creative block after my last release. It’s been very very frustrating the last couple of years to say the least. A couple of weeks ago I went to a Norwegian demoparty - it sounds strange but it instilled a creative vibe in me and it was then that I realized my creative block was indeed my tool set/working method.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I just happened to get the urge to try Renoise, even though it’s been sitting literally under my nose for the better part of 3 years now (maybe more). Now on the first day of using it, I cranked out a crappy tune in a couple of hours in a style I’ve never imagined doing before, really.

Yesterday I took the plunge into my bank overdraft and bought a Renoise license, and now i’m even more stunned. ASIO support rocks (with MIDI input), seriously. Using my workstation to assist some of the note entries/jamming without note lag is just superb.

So, in the first two days, 2 tunes and 2 further works in progress-experiments. Pretty good going :)

Now, the only things that are holding me back are unfamiliarity and lack of know-how. Still a very steep learning curve! But I’m all up for learning :slight_smile:

A satisfied customer.

m0d (aka RedHeat)

P.S. I don’t want to publish my early creations :wink: but if you want to hear them, I’d be happy to show you on a personal basis.

Fine OK then:

First Attempt Track

2nd Attempt Track

Hehe :) Yup, locked down!

Odd. Nobody else has complained… They are LAME encoded VBR mp3s… I wonder whay player you’ve used… :o

Welcome aboard m0d :D

Nice to hear this. I also came from Amiga although I never knew about ahx.
After protracker I used Digibooster Pro. Very good program but when I got to Renoise I converted al my mods and shove the trusty Amiga aside.

Welcome to the scene!

Thanks for the warm welcomes and positive comments :) I’ve been lurking for a long time :D

I find it kinda ironic, yet amusing that the man keeping one of the last refuges of the tracker scene alive ( has finally come around to trying Renoise… I think it deserves a big hurray! YAY M0DDIE!!! :D

So does this mean forthcoming support for XRNS songs on modarchive? :P

Nope :P

We want XRNS on modarchive…

I do not. End of discussion. Do not derail this thread with this any further, please.

Here is one more ex-Amigatrackerist. I have also worked quite a lot with AHX.

Only when it comes to spending money with his friends. :P

Also while I’m here:

4th Track - I’m a Woman (Joke song)