Renoise Native Delay Effect

I’ve always thought it needs a ‘Dry’ fader, like one of the reverbs has.
That way you could put the delay on a send track with 0% dry, followed by a highpass filter or whatever so only the delayed signal would be affected.

At the moment if you do this you also get the original signal going to the send track resulting in unwanted phasing.

Anyone agree?

+1, fa sho!

Probably better to have the slider so the flexibility is there for people to use it in whatever way they choose. But yeah, speaking personally a mute button would probably be all I’d ever really need. Different strokes for different folks, though.


A mute source button would be excellent.

Despite there not being many replies to this thread, I think this is pretty important!


Must have slider. I will not budge unless explicitly told to.

This section is still called “Ideas & Suggestions”, not “Deeds & Demands” so better start budging now.

:blink: A dial knob the size of a tick box then?

Also, if there was a mute source button / dry fader you could do this:

Send 1 - delay (no dry) - highpass - Send to 2
Send 2 - delay again (no dry) - highpass (slightly higher) - Send to 3
Send 3 - and so on
Send 4 - and so forth

And simulate a delay-feedback loop with some filtering inserted (which you can only do with certain delay plugins or by using a real mixing desk).

EVEN BETTER would be to make a new native delay effect for Renoise which lets you insert ANY other effect INSIDE it - which affects the sound everytime it is mixed back into the buffer to acheive the same thing…