Renoise Native Instruments


can somewhere be downloaded some instrument files, like the Grand Piano from Offline Tutorial??
I’m sick of searching some nice VSTi’s, and these are a lot faster…

Well, there aren’t many sites hosting RNI packs, but you can download wave-samples everywhere, also samples that are nicely looped (and you don’t need to figure that out)



But the best page i can link to is this one:…2422636e157160c

It’s up to you to compile the RNI yourself. Maybe some Renoise users want to share their RNI libraries.

Just take care when using ripped samples…

On Tuesday, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati turned the playing field for digital sampling completely upside-down. The court ruled quite simply that any and all samples used must paid for, even if they sound completely different from their original. Previously, if a digital sample wasn't identifiable from it's original it was perfectly legal.  
The court stated that the recent federal laws aimed at stopping piracy of recordings applied directly to digital sampling also, slapping any and all artists who use samples in their works in the face with the very laws some of them fought for.  
With the new rules and current state of the industry (greed), many speculate that if this ruling existed before many classic hip-hop albums such as Paul's Boutique from the Beastie Boys would quite simply be too difficult to get proper licensing for to release.  
What does this mean for the future of digitally produced music built upon sampling? One thing is for sure, under the current ruling, artistic innovation has been smothered by greed. There is one clear winner in this ruling, copyright lawyer's, as it also opens the floodgates for massive future litigation on any and all works using digital sampling.  


you know what this means, right? there is going to be a SHITLOAD of jungle artists who owe the winstons a f****LOAD of money! jungle wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the amen break

the revenge of non-loopers :D

Fortunatly I don’t do neither hip hop OR loop-based jungle, hehe… :rolleyes:

Still, this is NOT good. I love sampling, I love to hear skilled artists mess up other people’s work. One example is The Grey Album by Dj Dangermouse, creating beats from Beatles’ The White Album to the vocals of Jay-Z’s The Black Album.

You probably heard of this one before, still worth mentioning. This was never released, only available online and “illegal” download is endorsed by the artist. We like!

It’s a pretty insane idea… just figure this:

You go to a farmer to buy a cow, some chickens and some seeds so you can grow wheat. You use the cow for it’s milk, the chickens for it’s eggs and the wheat to create flower so you can bake some pies.
You pay the farmer for the initial products which is logical.
Your pies become very popular and the demands get higher, you hardly can get a grip upon the production quota so you decide to go to the farmer again to buy a few extra cows and a bull so you could hold your own production of cows. The chickens had extended themselves and the wheat production also grew without needing extra investments.
The farmer get’s noticed by the news about your famous and popular backery but he doesn’t like it since you don’t come over to him to buy the flower, the milk and eggs directly from the farmer.
The farmer starts to complain that you have to pay him some profits because you are using his products to earn income.
And some judge just decides for him that he is right and you should do that.

Not only that, the judge also relates the farmer’s loss of income to criminals that seem to steal cattle from a lot of farmers like the farmer himself and do illegal business with the stuff and to empower that argument, the judge points out to a law designed to stop that process.

When reading this i thought… what a bunch of crap… but that seems pretty much what has happened in cincinnati

i wonder when they are going to start putting patents on studio techniques, drumbeats, chords, sound…etc
funny thing is, 80% of the world & 95% of america doesnt care. they only buy what their told to buy, and they only listen to real (pop bullshit) music anyway.

being unpopular & virtually invisible to the world is one the best things we have going.

so what do we have to worry about? nothing at all.

quick note: i read once that you can’t copyright a melody, just an arrangement… that’s why “muzak” is perfectly legal

I don’t trust this news, thats SO american: No people’s name is named, just a City (Cincinnati) and the 6th Circuit Court. Who was the jugde? Who else was invovled? Where can i find more information about that? It’s just the winamp page talking about this case when i googled around to find more information.

Make sure your source is trustworthy, especially in these days where everyone can place ‘some important news’ on any webpage.

We are already Rupert Murdoch’s sheep, why pushing it…

The news was posted september 2004, it might be that related articles are not online anymore or in archives you have to pay and subscribe for to access them.

like this one? :rolleyes:

I don’t know wether it’s true or false, it sounds concerning in one way but the bull-part that makes me care less is that it’s pretty hard to figure out if raped samples would be recognisable enough for any lawsuit if the copyrightholder persistently wants his/her share.

At least i mentioned the source properly, but if i would have mentioned the name of Mike i may have had a Bullshit alarm earlier in this topic.
But again, nobody still knows for sure.
But it’s easy to find out for an American citizen around cincinatti as there is an aproximate date and a specific place. - Loads of free samples!!

Not many people seem to know about this place, but its great! Tons of free samples (In fasttracker 2 .XI instrument format, but renoise can use it). Lots and lots and I think there’s even drum loops in there too.

Hope this helps ^_^

thanx guys for all your answers!

i really wish renoise could import them!!!

Renoise CAN import them, just switch to the “Instruments” tab in the browser…