Renoise Native?

I’m experimenting with using Renoise completely native with all the bundled samples and dsp effects. (I still use a few sample packs also for extra bass power)
l’m doing this because l like to load in Renoise on the go when playing live very fast and easily.
Also another reason is that l think restrictions make you creative. l had a VST folder when 100 synths and effects till recently. l felt great when l finally deleted it. (just couldn’t part with Dblue’s Glitch though) That’s just me… let me know how you feel about the topic.



+1 …also as I have got many computers, it’s easy to share a song, with no dependencies with external plugins…As I’m working too with other artists, there is no problems to share a song…

Sometime I need some external plugins, but just to control the mixing operations…I can easily remove them after and they have no influence on the final sound. (as a mono/stereo switch for example).

Renoise’s native tools are great, and for me in all cases it’s ok… I’m using external tools for mastering only !


I only use samples for perc sometimes or when I sample some sound from hw synthesizers. Otherwise it’s all vsti. That’s why I’m not overly thrilled over sample generator tools or the devs spending time on the native instrument format.

But if Renoise supported vibsweep (vibrato delay) like XM/IT does, I would probably use Renoise more for making chiptunes with handdrawn samples ;)

what do you mean by this? Could you please make an example of which commands would you use in FT2 to achieve “vibrato delay”?

I’m moving more and more towards having everything native eventually, atm rendering vsti to samples using the render plugin to instrument option, rendering vst’s in the sample editor using the fx button and replacing vst chains with native dsp’s.

I think I’ve been now making loops and beats and tracks with Renoise pretty pure for some time, just because (from my point of view) it’s really nice to know you can build a song from scratch… I’ve been making some sick ass phat loops/breaks with Overtune samples only, which says as much that apart from the FX out of the awesome renoise FX toolkit I know the ‘formulation’ of all the instruments in minute detail.
So most of the time I start with a kick made out of 3 or so Overtune samples, then a snare, render them both into a drumkit instrument, then add hihats rendered in a separate track, pitch tweak some stuff in the drum kit, add a bass hit of sorts, and then finally deleting all previous samples and stuff and make room for some synth samples (in my case a lot of variations of un(cos(T2pi))sin(XN)/N in the step N department get cool synths)

This is an example of such workflow, also limiting myself (for sports) to 4 instruments, 4 instrument tracks, 4 send tracks (infinite samples per instrument and infinite fx per track though ;))

Anyway, all of this is also a result of me having zero money for gear and/or vst instruments at the moment. All I have is 2 stereos and a magnificent MPKmini from Akai Pro :P

Vibsweep is a parameter in XM instruments (.xi) on the same level that old school tracker formats (and xrns) can have vibrato depth and rate per instrument - hence no tracked commands.

Vibsweep gradually increases the delay depth until target is reached, while vibrato delay (as found in many vsti:s) will delay starting the vibrato entirely (I think) for the duration of the delay. I prefer vibsweep as it is smoother, and its sweetness seems to be very difficult to replicate in Renoise today. You can try with two slightly offset pitch LFO’s, but the result will slowly oscillate between target vibrato and no vibrato, which is not wanted.

The pitch LFO tab in Renoise instruments would benefit much from one vibdelay parameter and one vibsweep parameter i think. The delay duration having no vibrato, and the vibsweep parameter would mean the “attack” of the vibrato. These are highly appreciated features for chip musicians who wants to use native instruments. It’s basically the only reason why I still make my chip music in Milkytracker.

I did quite a bunch of songs all native (for DDRC), which was great fun. But I prefer to use both samples and VSTs. I think limitations can be interesting or instructional from time to time, but I wouldn’t want it all the time.

As a luajit release candidate will hit in 2 weeks ( ), maybe by the time a new Renoise emerges, scripters can get loco with realtime native synths :drummer:

Yeh l love just being able to share the song files with people. some of my samples make the files huge tho. lm looking for a simple file sharing site that dosnt have too many annoying ads or spam. almost impossible! l have some cool Instruments like the Deadmau5 drum kit l want to share.

That would be crazy awesome but I’m not counting on it :D

l just had word that loopproject is closing at the end of the month. such a shame.


Have you tried fumbling with the Pitch LFO’s in the instrument editor? -> Click pitch, then below click LFO, you have two LFO’s at your disposal and one will influence the other.
Or perhaps you tried messing with the pitch envelope?

Yes, l contact the guy who hosts it because l was having trouble uploading and he informed me he was closing it down.
Not sure why. might be to do with costs. So get the instruments while you still can.

Yes. The LFO solution doesn’t work for the reason i mentioned (the effect will oscillate). A pitch envelope is very difficult to make and will have to be made as a tool - “better vibrato”. I have thought about making it, although it is not an optimal solution. I don’t know yet if a small curve envelope will sound any good.

(Anyway it’s a bit strange that two LFO’s were added, while more common effects were forgotten.)

A lot of the instrument facilities are quite dated (time when trackers were limited in many ways).

Imho, envelope shaping could be done a lot better in many audio apps.
the only spots where they are better is in the graphical world… (watch the part after the first minute)

Totally agree, but I must say, I would be happy if Renoise could ‘loan’ some ideas from FL Studio where you can have 1. tons of different shapes/ramps from dot to dot, 2. even adjust the params of that particular shape, and of course last but not least 3. have different ramps in the same automation lane!
Haven’t worked with FL in a long time but that is fricky fricky wicky wicky tshuku ahhhh awesome.

On topic: the loop pack is crazy phat btw. Would like to contribute for next releases :D