Renoise not using all of my CPU's resources

Hello dear users and renoise staff, and thank you in advance for your advices.

I made a huge renoise project with an average desktop computer (AMD Phenom II), with 15+ Massive plugins, heavy Kontakt libraries, and around 50 effect vst. It ran pretty good with around 50% of the cpu used.

Now I moved it onto my laptop, a waybetter computer(with an high end i7), and renoise is suttering like hell when playing,and is always (even when not playing) at 100% of CPU usage. However, when I take a look in my task manager, my CPU is never higher than 10%.

Why is this happening, did I miss a box to check or something in the settings ?

Renoise version: 3.1 (x64), the project was originally made on my desktop with 3.0 (x64)

Both of my desktop and laptop run Windows 10 64bits

My tips:

  • Set windows power profile to desktop

  • Connect power adapter, lot of notebooks lower cpu speed if not connected

  • Use an asio driver

  • Disable the plugin bridge / sandbox. Either use purely 32bit or 64bit. AFAIK 32bit Renoise performs a bit better.

  • Enable auto suspend for all plugins

  • Use onboard sound, not USB

What is causing the 100% usage? Disable the plugins one-by-one. Is it one plugin only? So maybe you need to update it.

Renoise CPU meter shows the maximum CPU peak, while the windows one show the average usage.

before trying to fix something thats not broken…have you cecked in the options that renoise shall use all cores?

also try different sample rates in audio options, i had issue with crappy netbook.

44.1 stuttered as hell and 48 worked smooth with onboard realtek soundcard