Renoise Note On/off Problem With Some Vsts


just wanted to check if anyone else is experiencing this or has an idea.

With some vsts I have the problem that note data is ignored, I experienced this recently with microtonic, synthmaster (and absynth if I recall correctly).
If I replace the vst (eg. microtonic with punch) the problem seems to vanish, so obviously it’s somehow related to the vst aswell.

I already experienced some strange glitches on my old system btw. renoise and vsts (e.g. vst affecting renoise clipboard :blink:) which I sort of could solve in throwing jBridge between them.

system is win7 64 & 32bit renoise 2.8


If your note data looks like this

C-4 E-4  
E-4 G-4 once there was a problem that G-4 released the newly triggered E-4, occured only with certain VSTs  

then it might help not to spread notes across different tracks. Use the sub-tracks only, worked for me.


thanx for the suggestion but unfortunately not.

With microtonic e.g. it’s only one note that triggers the drum sequence.
Actually in this project the problem is only happening in the second pattern this instrument is playing (as with the other synths, this only happens in one specific pattern).
The instruments gets triggered in the second pattern, first row.
I can actually delete the current second pattern, same same with the upmoving (prior third) pattern.

Actually it’s even weirder than my short explaination.
When I work with the song playback (most) of the time it works as expected.
When I render the song to disk the second pattern remains silent for this instrument.

My workaround: I insert a note on the very last line in the first pattern, which also remains silent when rendering and voila, the second pattern is audible in the outcoming wav.

My favourite yet with synthmaster:
Also a pattern with in total two notes triggered, single note column.



Just before the end of the pattern a note off, of course same row.
Most of the time (not always) this plays back ok.
When I realtime render the note off is ignored.
When I offline render the note off is rendered OK, unfortunately this introduces a click here and there in some other places.

So … Huh???

just tried the microtronic demo, in my renoise it ignores all note-offs, uses note-ons only to change it’s own current pattern, stops
playing when host playback stops, makes use of host song position, so…

…the play-issues seem to be a feature or demo limitation, i wonder how this plug-in is supposed to be used at all. are you sure it can
be made play and mute with notes? anyway, i personally would have given up on this and use renoise for drums.

you have to set it to retrigger gated in the options menue, C5 triggers the first pattern then, so yes, I’m pretty sure for I use it all the time like this :D.
Anyway, I guess this is not so easy to reproduce for this happens so randomly. I have other projects where I have no problem whatsoever.

Actually I rather rarely use renoise for drums for I way prefer using vst’s, I even use geist more than renoise, blasphemy ;)

Thanks for trying though,

in order to use microtonic microtonic you ll have to set it to pitch mode
This way each cahnnel has its own midi channe ; if not It think its from c5 upwards to trigger individula channels ,


thanks, yes, I know that. Yes, I use it the c5 key upwards way, not in pitched mode. It (usually with a view exceptions, looping patterns can be a problem) works as expected in the sequencer, it just has dropouts when rendering.

For the fun of it tried with pitched mode and sending to midi channel 10, same result.