renoise ohc

have there been any of these? it’s been quite a few years since i last entered one, but i used to really enjoy them - and listening to my and others’ old entries recently has made me want to do them again.

if there haven’t been any yet (and there is NO EXCUSE for this :angry: ), would there be much interest if i was to try and organise something?

(and if you don’t know what an OHC is, basically imagine beatbattle compressed into one hour :P )

:) Damn, Gwilym… you read my mind :lol: I was thinking the very same thing…

How about a weekly OHC organized through the IRC channel?

what about a OPC? the same thing as a OHC but compressed into one pico-second :lol: :D ;)

Jesus christ… :unsure:


B) B) B)

i’ll come by the irc channel sometime, and we’ll see if we can sort something out. :)

(probably soon)

i’m in! :)


ok well. i’d kinda like to do one very soon (within the next few hours), but it’s really sunny outside and i think i’ll go read some nabokov instead (plus i wouldn’t be able to see my screen properly) ;)

also, if we wait, we might be able to hook in more contestants (if anyone knows people who use renoise and might be interested, ask around)

i really have no idea what time people are available. the best time for me would probably be around 5pm my time (perhaps a little earlier), which is approximately 6 hours from when i post this. don’t build the compo around me though.

alright! someone who uses IRC more than i do (which is never): talk to people, figure out what would be the best time for this. i’ll do my best to take part. sorry to delegate so much, but i really don’t know what’s what.

i’m off now, i’ll be back briefly in an hour or so, and then properly in about five or six (from now). :)

count me in :D


:( Damn…
As you might know, I’m one of the lucky italian bastards owning a high-speed optic-fiber connection… that means I usually download at something like 700 - 800 Kbps… and that’s cool… but that also mean that we’re inside a “special” intranet with a firewall and internal ip settings…
One of the backdraws is that we all have problems with IRC, i.e.
I seem to be unable to connect to IRC servers like I was used to…
SO ?
So I can’t take part to it as far as it’s held on IRC only…the solution might well be this forum… ok it doesn’t really allow true-realtime chatting… but could well handle such kind of compo.
I’m not saying that you should organize it only here… just that it could be held also here…

did you ever try IRCnet via CGI?

yeah. there’s a time on every post made here; we could at least try to do it in both places - do you use any instant messaging programs? that would make it even easier to keep you up to date. it’s probably in my profile, but my msn addy is and my aol sn is GogglyManatee

of course, i’m not even close to qualified to host this compo. i know NOBODY in the scene, it’s been over three years since my last ohc, i can barely remember the rules for how to host one…someone else* step in please. my qualifications basically ran out when i finished saying ‘hey let us have an ohc’; i’m totally lost now :unsure:


*on irc, mutant kept saying ‘xerxes.’ i think he was talking about xerxes

Yep, I do… I’m on ICQ (as you can see in my profile) B)
And… herm… notice how low my UIN is… :P
Yep Gwilym… I’m one of Ye Ancients…

About hosting… well it’s pretty much like a beatbattle. You decide rules, eventual samplepack… and most important thing you decide when to do it… because it must be a cross-continental moment where anyone can take part… Late european evening could be an idea because it’s :

22:00 in Europe - 16:00 US (?) (c’mon, more or less)

(I assume we’re all grown and able to stay up at night doing crazy shit like taking part to this kind of compos, of course :lol: )

Once you have spread the news… it comes the moment to fire the powders. You send somehow the samplepack to all the users taking part…
( If a user is not there, he is not taking part, that’s it )
all of them have to work and send their work before the deadline… that’s usually a couple of hrs after the start…