Renoise On 32" Monitor Ftw

Just wondered what the record size monitor anyone here owns. From a quick browse through the forum, Crytec has a tasty 24" one, but I’m dreaming of a 32" screen or better.

At such sizes, 2560*1600 resolutions and using Renoise with the smallest font becomes a possibility, and I’m guessing would be a COMPLETE DREAM to work in. I hope someone has such a setup here so I can get jealous and also reflexively drool down my keyboard.

Well, the VGA output of my laptop is broken so I’m stuck with this tiny 15.4" widescreen monitor :( This summer I’ll be able to purchase a new desktop PC and then I will be using a 24" Samsung monitor. THAT is already HUGE to me, I think I’d DIE if I would use a 32" screen! :w00t:

i’m on a 27", but unfortunately the res is just the same 1920x1200 as it has already been on my old 24".
my wet dream: two 24 or 27" inches side-by-side with one showing the mixer and the other the pattern editor. yay!

The thing is - there aren’t many monitors around at the moment that are bigger than 28". For some reason. They tend to be much more expensive than similiarly sized TVs. Maybe I’ll get a TV and use it as a monitor instead.

But from what I’ve heard, people who find these giants painfully big to start with, love them once they’ve got used to them, and wouldn’t go back to anything smaller. Everything can stay the same size (fonts, buttons, window borders etc.), but the workspace is dramatically bigger.

I bet that 27" is a dream to work on!


around the time I upgraded my computer i bought a 48 inch LG running 1600x1200, any higher res and I can’t see renoise very well about 10 feet away. I use that and a 22 inch cloned screen sitting on a coffee table closer to me about 2 feet. I sit on couch.

I was originally going to get a full wall projector and saved for like 2-3 years. Then by that time, the LCD seemed like a better decision. got back into games a bit. It’s enjoyable.

That’s why we need a 100-150" screen really. Then it’s possible to view from a distance, get the required 2560*1600 (or higher) res and get less eye strain into the bargain! When OLED screen tech takes off (and it will), super big sizes like this are possible, and we get awesome PQ too (much better than LCD/plasma) - it won’t be a moment too soon.

Anyway, awesome size Choice - have you thought about sitting any closer to increase the res? I would plan on viewing my 32" screen from only 2-3 feet away if I get one.

I’m using a 22" LG with “only” 1680x1050, but I’m looking forward to get a second one when prices drop.
As long as Renoise doesn’t support proper dual screening it’s useless anyway.

I know Xerxes got a 32" screen runnig renoise in 2560x1600

Okay, the drooling has officially commenced.

Xerxes and others - I’m guessing the extra res and screen size helps productivity a ton?

I have renoise running on my 40" samsung in living room 1920x1080p. I make 174bpm drum & bass while sitting in an armchair :lol: …and i’m not even joking. Can fit loads of tracks all on the screen at once which is great :w00t: Who needs a studio when you can have a living room.

I usually switch between a 10" netbook (MSI Wind 100) with a screen resolution of 1024x600, and my desktop system with a 24" Samsung with a screen resolution set to 1920x1080.

Speaking of that, I’ve always wondered about something:

Is it possible to connect another 24" monitor to the same computer? Do I need two graphics cards for that? (Because I assume no single graphics cards can address a screen estate of 3840x1080 pixels.)

Even if Renoise doesn’t support dual-screen splits (e.g. of mixer and pattern arranger), with the new ReWire stuff it makes sense to invest in another 24" monitor just in order to have Renoise running side by side with other rewired software.

I have, however my current situation is kinda improvised. In the future once I get things set up properly from a plan, I could probably be about 5 feet instead of 10 feet, and on a papasan chair or something equally comfy instead. :)

OK, but is then 2 monitors with a total of 2560x1600 pixels together, or 2 monitors with 2560x1600 each? (I.e. 5120 pixels wide and still 1600 pixels high.)

If it is the former, there seems to be just 2560-1920 = 640 pixels extra horisontally (compared to my current single monitor @ 1920x1080). Doesn’t seem to motivate another 24" monitor. And what happens to the remaining non-addressed screen estate in such a setup? Will it just be black dead space or what?

If it is the latter, is this handled all by the video board’s GPU, or does it tax the computer CPU as well? If it doesn’t tax the system’s CPU, then why am I writing these words instead of running out in the middle of the night and steal some new hardware? ;)

Hehe. I don’t think the screen size and resolution helps on productivity. I’ve increased my screen resolution step by step from Renoise 1.27 in 1024x768 and now up to 1920x1200 on my iMac. I don’t feel the productivity have increased. Rather decreased, as there are so much other fun stuff I can don on my Mac :)
I’m not 100% dedicated to music. When I had my Amiga 500, all I did was music. And the resolution there was 320x256 :)

Hi ! I use Renoise 2 on 30" (1360x768) thanks to SAMSUNG !!! Yes, I am agree, it is easy for composing musics on Renoise and with big screen, it is better for the productivity :wink:


Here is Renoise on 32" with resolution 1920×1080 on my Sony KDL W4000. Works perfectly, but I rather prefer my 22" Samsung 226BW and 1680×1050 when using Renoise though.

I’ve got a Dell Laptop 17" with 1400 by 1050 res.

Nice pic! Perhaps that has something to do with the quality of the display? 1920x1080 on a 32" should give a bigger pixel pitch to make it clearer in theory.

The display on the 32" is crystal clear, so it is nothing wrong with the quality, but the 32" feels better for media, games and surfing while I use the 22" when I do work stuff. It is probably just a question of habit and taste, but when sitting in front of the 32" at the highest resolution you have to sit pretty close to the screen to be able to read the standard font, a few meters away and it gets pretty small ;) and when sitting as close as that I think it feels like you have to turn you head to get a survey of the screen, while you get the whole screen in your visual field when using the 22" (which I think is a crucial thing when sitting with for example renoise, so it is not the resolution, rather the size of the screen that is the question)… well well, it is just probably a question of time till my habit has broken and I’m also sitting with a 32" while using renoise ;)