Renoise On A 30" Monitor

I just got a 30" lcd monitor that runs 2560 x 1600 native resolution, which is fantastic for lots of stuff except that when I load up renoise everything is terribly tiny and hard to see. I’d rather not switch my resolution every time I use renoise, so I was wondering if there was a way to zoom everything up like you can in the firefox browser for example (I have that set at 133% for forums now to make them readable)?

you can change the size of the text to “huge” but it won’t affect other gui-elements.

you could use a software like Res-o-matic which can create shortcuts to the program which will run it at a specific resolution

I’m running renoise on a macpro on a 30" cinema display at 2560x1600 and the GUI and text is just as readable in renoise as the max resolution on my sony vaio at 1366x768. . . GUI elements are actually exactly the same size, just with more screen real-estate… so running renoise on a large monitor at a high resolution isn’t any different from running any other display at high resolution — your large display shouldn’t be showing renoise’s GUI text any smaller than it would be on a small screen running at max resolution. . .

I’d try Alien’s suggestion above if you’re on a pc, if you’re on a mac you can pretty easily write a script that changes the resolution, then opens renoise, then sets the resolution back when renoise closes.

thanks for the replies.
I went straight from a 19" crt at about 1440 x something, to an hp zr30w so I’m used to the pattern filling up the screen.

Now, it looks like this (as big as I could get it in flickr):

is that how it looks for you sepsis?

text is crisp and readable if I lean closer to the screen, but too small for comfort for my late 30’s aged, glasses wearing eyes at my normally seated viewing distance. ie. I can do it but it’s straining/fatiguing.

I guess I’ll try it-alien’s idea for now. I know this isn’t a hot issue, but still would be nice if there was a zoom option that worked sort of like firefox’s so everything could be made a little (30 - 50%) larger.

This is all wel, good and true but viewing distance should be a function of screen width, so the larger the screen is the further away from it you are, hence the harder it is to read writing that is exactly the same size. Can you read a newspaper as well a foot in front of your face as stuck to the wall on the oposite side of the room? The text is exactly the same size in both cases!

(Recommended viewing distance for a 30" is around 4 feet.)

well “recommended viewing distance” also would depend on an individual’s resting point of vergence… which is different for everyone. 4 feet might cause eyestrain on any size monitor if your RPV is shorter than average.

point made was that it isn’t a renoise specific issue that “when I load up renoise everything is terribly tiny and hard to see” … case in point he enlarged his firefox font sizes…

sooo… if you want to get technical…
maybe just set the screen resolution down a bit and call it a day!? :) I’m sure it will be some time before renoise allows font scaling like firefox does, if ever.


No but you can go into Preferences and change the size of the font. Thing is Renoise doesn’t change with it at all so the text quickly becomes unreadable.

Just a couple of other scaled sized selectable, say 15pt for making bigger on large screens and a 8pt might be good for netbooks if it’s still readable and gives you that little more space.

You could use the magnifier that comes with windows (atleast in XP), but it is extremely annoying to work with.

Get contact lenses. :lol:

I use both glasses and contact lenses, and when I wear the lenses everything seems so much bigger!
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Huge RENOISE !!! nice :) but huge girlfriend :confused: :D

I prefer to keep my 19’’ screen ^^ and my normal girlfriend :)