Renoise On Cd In Nice Packaging

Like this:

I know this would be slightly pointless and would massively drive the price up, but I’d love to be able to buy a physical copy of Renoise in a nicely designed shiney box.

Anyone agree?

nope, the world does not need more garbage :)

garbage only starts to exist when ppl throw something away and i’d definately not throw my original renoise packaging in the bin if i had the chance to ;)

as you already said, pretty pointless idea but i know what you mean… it’s about feeling when you’ve got something which is physically present.

however i guess the effort wouldn’t justify the actual use…

maybe not just for a package, :ph34r:

i work with computers all day, and i sincerely dislike reading manuals on a computer screen. if i have a long howto or document i need to parse, i like printing it out. i’m eco paranoid, so i generally use scrap paper that already has stuff printed on the other side to do it. but one piece of packaging that would be really cool would be a hardcopy manual with a cool gloss logo front. Spiral binding would be good too. i made my own spiral bound Impulse tracker manual, and would probably do a renoise one except that there isn’t a plaintext format renoise manual like you had with IT and FT2.

you could probably make a fairly small package that just has a manual and cd in it. I’ve got a little print layout experience, and could do a prepress layout for something like this pretty easily.

you’d definitely only want to send them to people who have a more expensive lisencing contract. maybe one that spans 5 full revision cycles for like €200 versus the €50 for a single revision cycle. (better leave some blank pages in the back for revisions :lol: )

I think a package does not need anyone.

To the manual; a pdf would be nice, so that you can print out. This pdf could also kept up to date easyly.

how about waiting for the t-shirts instead of desiring an useless package?
A t-shirt is something “phisical” you will get, and you will also able to wear it, while I don’t think you’d be going to wear the package :)

about the manual, a PDF version is here

well, is there t-shirts coming? if yes then :yeah:

I think it would be awesome if we could order a hardcopy of the manul on high-grade glossy paper with a kick-ass cover. It will be personally autographed by tactic himself. I’d say to my buddies - "No you may not place your coffee cup there because that’s autographed by tactic himself!

i like that idea!

“btw,cough,cough,cough,my friend makes vinyl renoise stickers,cough”

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“btw,cough,cough,cough,my friend makes vinyl renoise stickers,cough”[/QUOTE]
hrmm, cough, achooo,
i wanted to add that if anyone is upset about this please direct any and all complaints towards me. i was the soul inspiration toward him making it.
if renoise developers would want some im positive i could have something worked out with a bulk deal,
but please do not direct any negative comments or actions toward him.

I was actally expecting a box when I ordered Renoise, because of that 3-D image at the frontpage. :(

Maybe at a later moment then. When it will be avaiable at stores and stuff… Or not? :)

I want a t-shirt. :yeah:


or elsewise flipside around about round. hm

Has your friend got one of those Omega Vinyl Cutters?
We’ve got one of them in work, very nice bit of kit.

I’ve spent many an hour weeding logos with a pair of tweezers.

what about “ReNoise iZ k0r3, C00b453 iZ n0t”