Renoise On Google Video

Check out this link:…34767&q=renoise

Seems to be a french prog so didn`t understand it myself but there is a short bit on renoise @ 16:50 for a bit over a minute. The guy plays through a couple of the demo songs and is explaining over it.

The show is called Cybercafe. FTIII? FL and modplug seem to be compared also.

Would be interested if anyone can translate any of it.

i watched that … fast tracker 3 ??? what is that about?

i used to want to learn french… took 3 years of it in highschool. now all i could pick out was how he was comparing renoise to logic and cubase, how it has midi support and that it is layed out vertically …

COoL - my french is also outdatet (last french I had was sunday ;) ) - no, but my lessons have been 10 years ago…

I agree with dj jo. It’s some sort of comparison…

i didnt even know that fast tracker 3 was released…

Another Renoise-Clip

It’s Skale before it became Skale. Baktery called it Fast Tracker 3 in the beginning, as you might remember. :)

To quote: “It was continued by a frenchman, as Starbreeze (…) Enclave” etc

Ah ok? didn`t know myself if it was Skale or another project. Guess that program is quite old now then.

Thanks for the mini translations :) guessed it was a comparison, seems to be as I expected.

@Marc, seen that vid before, a good little advert there for renoise from v snares.

in the video the guy says that you can “almost” get a professionnal sound quality with renoise
but a “real” profeessionnal quality with fruity loops…
someone should explain things to him…


Think you are right, he doesn`t seem to know what he is talking about then!

It looks like Renoise 1.28 or 1.27 (also the video dates from little over three years ago). They picked a theme that makes it look like 1.5 though.

Things have changed since then.

its a stupid prejudice from stupid people that think that a cracked version of cubase sx makes them dope producers and basically dont know shit. In the past I completely stopped answering questions about my production-environment, whenever people ask me I reply “I got a setup that allows me to get my ideas done in a fast and very comfortable way”. thats all they need to know, because it only does matter what your .wav file sounds like.

its the same shit with the hardware/software discussion btw.

(ofcourse if an open-minded person wants to know more about renoise or how I do things I answer all question, but if someone tells me “I downloaded and tried every program and cubase sx is the only way to make good music, period” then I wont have a discussion with him.)

I guess this is some sort of urban legend: Trackers were always a nice tool to create music. Of course due to the technical limits of good old paula-soundchip in amiga we were limited to use 4 or 8 channels. But I know a lot of music-tracks that sound professional, although they were only 8bit and simple protracker-pieces.

I had the discussion about the professionality of trackers compared to sequencers like Cubase several times, especially at the time when I tried to get my foot in the door at some labels and everybody told me, that trackers were just game-tools and no professional tools.

I think, the biggest disadvantage by trackers is, that they ARE complicated for “classic” musicians because the point of starting a track is completely different compared to tools like SX or Reason.

I’m glad that people finally accepted that everybody can make professional music with a standard PC and some VSTis… It’s not necessary anymore to have a bunch of 19"-racks called Waldorf and Virus because almost everything can be simulated with VST nowadays.

And if Renoise is grown up to REAL BPM and the midi-export works like a charm we can show those critiques that Renoise IS professional music software, I guess…

even the odd bpms are only a problem if you work with other people that need correct bpm. and btw, cubase-bpm and logic-bpm were very different for quite a while too. (cubase being abit below the shown bpm until version 5.x and the bpms of logic where abit above until some years ago).

all I can ever say to those discussions :

I dont want to make music for other producers, I want to make music for an audience of listeners. and they dont give a f**k what program I use, if my Rhodes Piano is an original or some VST or if my wobbling bass comes out of a virus or some freeware-VST, aslong as its good.

Some skilled Renoiser should do a video tutorial to show the basics and some tricks that make trackers unique. Most people that have never used a tracker before get really confused when looking at Renoise the first time… well I get confused by cubase heh. But after I show them a bit they usually grasp the idea.

There are some features still missing that some might consider essential for a professional software, but then others don’t need them at all. I don’t think sound quality is one of them though. I’ve tried FL and Reason, and found that both are missing too many features I want, not only the tracker sequencer.

Didn’t someone post a spectrum comparison between a few different sequencers some year ago? I want to remember Renoise did quite well in that test.

Oh yes, sorry. I forgot about that one. I’ll tell my friend who was confused with Renoise when I talked to him yesterday.