Renoise On Ibook ...?


as i’ll soon buy a portable

i wanna know if renoise works great on a Ibook 12"
the graphic interface react well ?

If it can run OSX 10.3.0, Renoise will probably work as well.
Further, it depends upon if the soundcard is CoreAudio compatible.


I’m currently using an (now obsolte) 12" iBook G4/800 with 640MB ram for renoise.

To get maximum performance from a iBook you may need to alter energysaver settings and disable ‘nap mode’(can be done with the CHUD prefpane). Also get as much ram as you can(OS X loves Ram).

Most of the time i run with reduced speed(wich equals to about 667Mhz on the iBook G4/800) and it’s sufficient for a couple(4-5) VSTi’s, FX tracks and samples.

If you only need to do sample based tracking and don’t intend to use loads of effects an old G3 based mac is enough.

As for gui response, since Renoise uses it’s custom interface it is a lot faster than average Mac OS X apps.

I personally have no complaints over the performance.

A few tips though, get uControl for your iBook since it will make scrolling around in renoise a lot faster(just press ‘fn’ and use the trackpad to scroll around).

i’m using a 800mhz ibook g3 with 640mb ram too;

renoise runs quite well; you can use dboost -…2641&vid=151389 - in order to gain another 20-30% kick. (oh yeah, and while we’re at it; setting the system colors to 32768 only doesn’t affect renoise but makes the system a bit faster).

i love tracking on the couch :)