Renoise On Linux With Vst(i)?

I just found this so I havn’t read much about it but it looks pretty amazing :)
Run Linux and Windows integrated in one OS. Has anybody tried it? If so, how is the performance of the both OS’s? And is it possible to run renoise with VST(i)'s without major performance loss?
I use VMWare on work but there the client-OS run much slower than the host and the client can also not use native graphic drivers so directx apps and similar are impossible. Is it the same problem with this app?

Ah, I just noticed that the host has to be windows and not the other way around. Then it wasn’t that exciting anymore ;) I had hope to get rid of my Windows installation once and for all and just run it as a client inside linux ;)
However, when I read on the site it sounds like there maybe some day will be a version where linux can be the host.

There is already WineX, which ables you to run Renoise. It simulates the existance of DirectX on your Linux system. There were some people here saying it works this way, though I know nothing about VSTs. However, the LADSPA VST host uses Wine to run those plug-ins, so I think it’s also possible to run VSTs in emulated Renoise. Unfortunately WineX is commercial version of Wine project, so I wasn’t able to try it out, but I suppose I will do it some day and thanks to this willb e able to free 10 gigs of space required to run Windows with it’s files and programs.

If newest games run smoothly on WineX than why not Renoise? I only have some doubts about MIDI… But I just will have to do some testing, or maybe someone of those who tried it (i’ve seen here some people) will tell us about it?

Wine project

I do not know anything about wineX but I know that in regular wine there is too many issues running renoise, and most VST(i)s do not run very smooth under wine. So I rather keep my win installation rather than to muck up with renoise in wine. I realy need both VST(i)s and midi to work wihout any major problems if it shall be any meaning, and when I first read about this coLinux-thing I first thougt that I could run windows “nativly” inside linux and that would maybe do the thing, but I was unfortunately wrong. I guess the only way to get renoise work smooth together with asio, midi and vst(i) is if it is possible to run on a native win system (or maybe as a native client in a linux host ;)). Wine is still in its infancy and need pretty much work before everything will run without too much troubles…

you have to remember one thing. WineX is a commercial product designed to run modern 3D games which require lots of power. The newest version supports games written for DirectX 9.

I just noticed that you don’t have to be subscribed to download WineX, just you have to build it yourself without prepackeged version and tech support. I’ll try to build it and then I’ll try running renoise. We’ll see what’s possible to do with that.

Found this with a quick search… might be interesting:

thread 1
thread 2
thread 3

As I understand it they have left out some of the major parts of the code in the open source tough. Maybe they have only left out code that is not essensial for renoise but Wine and Transgaming has been in a flamewar because of this issue and that was one of the reasons why Wine from X11 to LGPL license. And personally I support Wine’s point of view in this question and will therefor hesitate to support WineX.

Who the hell is talking about supporting the project? I am just saying that’s it’s possible to download fully-functional WineX without subscribing and without paying. Just that you won’t have access to prepackeged files, you’ll have to compile it by yourself.

That was the theory. The fact is that I found rpms via Google ;)

OK, I tried to run Renoise via WineX. It runs, but… I don’t see the interface except mouse cursour. What’s even wors, I could not logout from Linux in any normal way, so I had to do reseting, though the system responded and was still working. On the other hand the log file from Renoise says it menaged to run DirectDraw, so the emulator works, just not good enough :rolleyes: . Since I had to reset no config file appeared. I copied the one used by my Windows Renoise, I wanted to disable the fullscreen mode, so even if no interface will show I will still be able to set focus on some other element of my desktop and logout from Linux like it should be. Unfortunately it asked me about VST when I ran it and the simple “select directory” windows crashed Wine :D Luckilly I menaged to kill the processes. I’ll try running games instead. Seems like I’ll still have to keep Windows for Renoise :(.

My opinion is that by just using it is a way to support it ;) Therefore I’m preferably not using winex at all if I not have to, I rather just wait till the same funcitionality is implemented in wine instead, and since wine nowadays is under a LGPL licence, no new code can be implemented in the proprietary forks if the developers do not choose to release their code under several different licences (wich some developers have choosen to not do) else the forks have to report all new code back to the core project wich means that the core project locically will have the most updated code of all the versions, else if the forks do choose to not use the LGPL-licenced code they will sooner or later be outdated or out of sync with the original wine…
But, it is ofcourse up to every single individual to choose how they take the stand to this question and I do not condemn anywone who choose to use WineX, I just personaly, as I said before, choose to not use winex if I do not have a realy good reason for it, and I do not see a realy good reason to use it at the moment so I just ignore it till then ;)

OK, I understand, though I don’t see any support if you only use WineX aithout even notifying anybody that you do. For me support is when you do some activity for the commmmunity of the users or do something else to actually show that WineX rulz etc. If you only download it and try, nobody will even know about that, so where’s the support? But anyway, WineX dodn’t impress me much, I’ll try to run some games tomorrow.

BTW, what distro do you use? Maybe we can chat a bit using some IM?

I managed to get renoise working with vst AND midi in wine (using the wine alsa driver):

However, most VSTi’s don’t run (easily) and I’ve got a latency of about 300ms which isn’t very usable.

When you move the renoise window the screen fscks up. I guess it has something to do with directdraw not refreshing very often.

And renoise crashes on exit, also quite annoying.

So I don’t think it’s a viable option at this point to dump windows in favor of the linux+wine combo. I, for one, will stick with my win2k setup until wine is more polished or the renoise developers make an effort to make renoise work with wine.

Wine will never be as efficient as running normal Renoise port for a certain operating system. Unfortunately no matter how polished Wine will be, you will always suffer because of long latencies and such stuff. But Renoise devs are cool guys and will make a port for us… I hope

so long it’s maybe better to drink wine instead of using it! :D :P

Actually I do it very often :P

what?! :D :lol:

drinking wine.

Ah … ok … :lol: :lol: CHEERS