Renoise On Msi Wind Laptop Problem

I am trying to get Renoise to work on my MSI Wind with Windows XP installed. By itself it works okay, but Renoise won’t work in fullscreen mode and I miss the lower part of the screen. When I try to resize Renoise, ever so often the top part of the screen disappears and becomes impossible for me to reach, so I can’t even shut down the application anymore.

Does anyone have any experience with this? It’s a bummer, since I wanted to use Renoise to make simple beats int he train, but this way it won’t work…


You don’t have your screen in a resolution size that you have to scroll it in the visible area of your screen with your mouse?

What is your desktop-resolution?

i want to buy msi wind but i decided to hold on, i actually don’t need a laptop now so
here, try this driver
don’t forget to tell us about results :)

there are maybe another drivers/suggestions, didn’t search for them since i decided to hold on

Renoise needs a min Screen Resolution of 1024x786. There currently is no workaround for smaller screen sizes…

Bummer. Is there any chance that this bug will be fixed in the foreseeable future?

1024768 is a common resolution, 1024600 is not a common resolution. There is no bug to fix if your screen resolution is smaller than the minimum requirement.

That’s a silly statement. All programs I installed on the Wind work just fine, albeit in a slightly lower resolution. There is nothing “uncommon” about 1024*600 and Renoise should work just fine. That it doesn’t means that there is a bug. Institutionalizing it as a “minimum requirement” doesn’t change that one iota.

vV’s statement isn’t silly at all. he made a valid point for why your low-profile notebook is not capable to run renoise properly. it simply is not compliant with the minimum hardware requirements of renoise.

it’s like saying “renoise doesn’t work on my DOS 6.1 OS, so it’s a bug, because everything else including windows 3.11 and norton commander works so great on it.”

a “bug” is defined by an unintentional behaviour of soft- or hardware.
the problem you’re experiencing with your laptop is a logical consequence of the developer’s graphical user interface design and programming.

the problem you are experiencing is intentional - a circumstance which is contradictory to the general perception and definition of a bug.

If you would have read the requirements, you would have known in advance that Renoise would not run well or perhaps not even at all on a device that offers a lower resolution. Simply just for that fact, your opinions do not give you any room to argument for improvement. You are allowed to express them though, nothing wrong with that.
If you need a tracker that supports a lower resolution, Milkytracker is the better advise to dig into.

This made me laugh! Thanx!