Renoise On Norwegian State Radio Tv

In a short program about a well known norwegian hip-hop groups process of making a song, the producer reveals using renoise! this was posted on the web and on the state radio television broadcast. Check it out here! Fo non-norwegian speakers the segment appears like 40% out in the video(the segment is about 3 min long)!

Big deal for me at least, letting me know people are using renoise for producing as vocal-based music as hip hop, and also on such a “mainstream” plane… (although its not really mainstream, but the sales are far more impressing than the average dnb/idm/breakcore release)



kan du poste linken til den siden videoen er hentet fra?
altså, ikke bare videoen… noe som ikke stemmer her,
får bare en anmeldelse om wall-e når jeg går inn på lenka.

peace .no bro!

her er den!

Hehe, coolt.

Pretty funny when the kid hits the button :)

allright, i saw and i came ;D

Well, I always knew it was easy to work with vocals in Renoise now, glad to see rap groups doing that too. :)