Renoise On 'widescreen' Lcd?

Just out of curiosity, how does Renoise look on a widescreen LCD? If anyone has widescreen and can take a screen shot, if possible, I’d be delighted.
Reason is, I’m thinking of buying a laptop, and wondered whether one with a widescreen LCD would make things easier when using Renoise - ie. if it might display more channels at any one time, etc. :)

Many thanks if you can help.

Timo :)

Renoise simply is scaleable in windowed mode … and in full-screen view you can select given screen-dimensions … so you are able to see more tacks and so on …

Thanks for the info. Am dying to see a screenshot as I’m wondering whether an aspect ratio of 16:10 would be of greater use than the standard 4:3. The Sony Vaio 17" widescreen laptops have a res’ of 1920 x 1200!

Otherwise I’ll get a specific music laptop with a standard 15" screen.

Am torn between the two at the mo. The standard 15" laptop being a customised, optimised machine designed specifically for music making performance, and the Sony’s being a more general computer but having the sexy screen which I’d imagine would be well nice for studio work.

Mmm… :unsure:

here’s what it looks like on mine.

RENOISE IN 1680x1050

Hum… I want big screen too!

i have a dual 19’ flatscreen setup with 2x 1280x1024 and renoise scales perfect 8)
very very good grafix performance. no problem with scroll or something like that.

only some cpu eating if i use heave expanded tracks and renoise is expanded over the two screens, but it depends on the load of vst’s .
(as usually)

i do agree with that, hey steal your money making u believe that they will set your laptop for audio, it’s only some easy XP optimization, they found another clever way to steal newbies money (and to sell outdated laptops)

Some has enhanced cooling systems, Acoustic insulation kits, “Ultra” quite Cpu-fans and power supplies (just imagine recording in a studio with an ordinary off the shelf computer… fxxxing sounds like its raining in the background), Dual boot-systems (so as to be able to keep audio and non-audio applications separate), Aluminum casings (reduce noise), pre-installed audio-software and hardware etc. etc.

this is of course things that you, with a tiny amount of know-how, will be able
to do yourself… but there’s a lot of people, myself included, that rather choose to pay a bit extra for not doing it… and hopefully the setups are tried and tested for top-notch performance and if the system doesn’t deliver one can always demand an upgrade or return the merchandise… (yes, happens rarely, I know, but it’s possible…) this is something you can’t do very easily if some of your individually purchased hardware-parts is incompatible or not up to par…

note on dual-display system… this is among the top 3 computer related “investments” Ive ever (ever!) made… such a simple thing, but oh so powerful… reduces workflow a lot… worth every penny!


may I ask for the other two ? :rolleyes:

This is maybe not related though, but I’m really curious how can you make a dual boot-up system to windows 2000 or XP-machine? This would make my life a lot easier, not having to shut down all the non-DAW-related applications every time I start up. What an annoyance that is…

Looks fantastic, too.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to stump up the £2K price tag of the 17" widescreen Vaio, so going to have to make do with a 15" laptop. The screengrabs look great, though - so many tracks visible at any one time! Thanks for that Akira. Am definately going to save up for a widescreen LCD for the studio! (The laptop will have DVI out so exporting it out to another monitor shouldn’t be a prob). ;)

How did you manage to get a screen grab of Renoise? I’ve tried it, but because I think it runs in DOS or similar? the PrintScreen “PrtScn” button doesn’t function, and using any screen grabbing software only captures window-based applications (inside Windows).
My Renoise crashes when I try to run it in a window, as opposed to full-screen mode.


the HP widescreen laptop may be cheaper than the vaio. i think it’s got a full 104-key keyboard as well (something i think EVERY widescreen laptop should have but many don’t ie: the widescreen i-book).

Running in windowed mode, click the windows taskbar once to let windows
have the keyboard focus. Then PrintScreen works fine.

My Renoise crashes when I try to run it in a window, as opposed to full-screen mode.

Huh. That’s bad. You should test this with the 1.5 betas when they come
(soon now), so we can fix it in the next release.

if you have a ATI card with catalyst and installed hydravision it would be possible, but hydravision results in a grafix bug, you cannot open any vst windows in renoise, you will only see the titel bar of the plugin.
but why fullsreen? windowed mode have nearly the same amount of space (except the windows task bar…)

and the taskbar can be set to be automatically in background.

what changes ?

thx 8)

I have managed to make a screenshot of the dual 1280x1024 screen setup (windowed) (614kb)
you can download it here:…ens_low_res.jpg

  1. I have a sony vaio with a 17 inch wide screen. Never had one before, thought it would be better but now I’m looking at much smaller more
    compact laptops because that vaio is not so compact or light. I guess you always want what you don’t have.

  2. I have a matrox quad display card so I have 4 monitors going at once, though that card is pci so performance on monitors 1-3 is sloppy/
    monitor 1 on is on an agp graphics card so I usually run renoise on
    the agp powered main monitor.

I have 3 monitors accross and one on top. Never tried before but I just streteched renoise across the 3 bottom monitors. While it works, its kinda
choppy (I guess due to pci)

I’m going to get a quad matrox agp card when I can… If you’ve never worked with multi-monitors, I highly reccomend it.



Four monitors!?! Wow… Me waaants! :D

Which Matrox AGP card are you thinking of getting? Can that compare in performance to Parhelia? Now I’m using one monitor + TV (for video editing) and I’m thinking of getting a gfx card for 2 monitors + TV, but I’m not sure which one. Any tips would be helpful!