Renoise On Windows 7

Has anyone tried Renoise on Windows 7, and if so, have you encountered any problems? I am about to install Win7 but would like to know beforehand about known problems.


I would also be interested in this - haven’t tried it here yet.

Seemed ok when I was testing the beta, but dunno about VSTs etc. This was before it became v2.0 too, it looks promising though :)

Tried for 30 mins, did not see any problems yet. I will keep updating devs incase I bumb into problems

i’ve done it, no problems so far. there’s post about it somewhere on here with a screenshot

Why would you update to windows7? Especially after how hard Vista flopped. Is it actually better?

Haven’t tried it myself, but from what I hear from some tech heads I trust the opinions of Windows 7 is everything Vista was supposed to be, Mac Tiger OS used to be and Ubuntu 9.04 currently is. Sleek, fast, smooth and everything just works well.

how is the audio system in w7?

The betas seemed really nice to work with actually, pretty snappy once you configured it correctly. Nice boot times and stuff too, and none of those over the top security warnings - although that might have been because it was a beta…

According to a mate of mine, ‘7’ is what Vista should have been (but it was hurried out).

I agree with In-fluence, my Vista installation lasted 45 minutes before I went back to XP but this I will keep. There are annoying issues which will probably be corrected in future versions… for example theres an empty box in bottom right corner which is, tadaa, Show desktop. Wonder what was wrong in having it as quicklaunchbutton were it was logical. Remotedesktop connection does not allow browsing the network, you have to manually type the ip. Toolbar sometimes mixes quicklaunch and opened programs, which is very, VERY annoying and confusing. And talking of confusing, this wasn’t what I expect when I want to choose a new song in Winamp:

thats the saddest attempt I have ever seen since Amiga’s MUIReq.

Don’t miss that the RC version of “7” is now released for download:

I have a M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard running Renoise on a q9300 @ 2500hz with 4gig mem.

When I run Renoise under Windows 7 x64, my soundcards ticks and clicks especially when resizing windows etc, just like the soundcards buffer is too small.

  • Bigger buffer doesn’t solve the problem.
  • Setting the UI to Classic doesn’t improve the performance.
  • The delta 1010 is known to work perfectly under Windows 7.

I never used Renoise under a x64 system, I used xp x86 before this. Are there any known problems with Renoise on x64 systems?

I’m thinking the problem could be that I only have an onboard graphicscard with 256mb. For renoise this is enough, but for the Aero UI show in Windows this could be not enough. Then again, setting the UI to classic theme didn’t improve the performance.

Thanks in advance!

running Renoise in windows 7 RC for a few days now, no problems at all.
seems to behave exactly as it did in vista

soundcard - echo indigo iox
proc - intel core2 duo t9400 @ 2.53
shirt - cotton

I do hope accessing mapped network drives are a bit faster than in Vista.

Not only that. Initializing VST’s and switching windows is also very slow.
or is it just me that experienced this?

Someone reported a while ago that his anti virus soft caused that. Probably thats also the problem for you…

After reading your post, I tested this immediately.
I shut down my Virus software (in my case AVG) and it solved the problem.
Thank you for your attention.

EDIT: Is this documented in the Manual?

has anyone tried various other audio software on windows 7? i had constant problems on vista, especially with max msp, would be interested to know if windows 7 is any better.

It is now:
“Performance issues and multicore FAQ”

Btw, isn’t the answer to this question true since 2.0 ?

I mean, as you can send midi-notes?