Renoise On Xp Mac ?


Girlfriend getting an Imac. I never worked with Mac, but heard that you could install Xp on new intel mac’s and it would behave like a pc

Have anyone tried running Renoise on a Intel Mac with XP ? is it as stable ? what to expect ?


I’d expect it to work but you could also just run the mac version.

yes, the thing is I have a lot of vst’s that I cant live without, most of them Windows only.

Ah. Well, I’ve run XP on my iMac with no problems. I was mostly using Live at the time, but I didn’t have any problems with it.

The new Macs are just “regular PCs” with OSX on them. So Windows and all its programs will work just fine as they do on any other PC…

Here’s something that might help;

There is a new plug-in for Mac called VFX which allows Intel based Macs to access your old (or new) VST plug-ins from your Windows machine:…x-mac-beta.html

So far, I’ve heard good initial reviews about VFX. It will be a god send to those who had a ton of VST from their Windows machines and switched to (or added) a Mac in their studios.

As for all new Macs just being regular PCs inside, that’s partially true if I’m not mistaken. New Macs (Intel based CPUs) made by Apple have firmware and/or special motherboard (called logicboard in the Mac universe) mods to allow OS X to be installed (and prevent Windows from being installed natively as sole OS without BootCamp). In order to install OS X onto a new Dell or other PC, you either need a Hackintosh verison of OS X, modify your PC’s hardware so it will accept an OS X installation or perhaps both depending on any additional PCI cards, graphics cards, etc. you might be trying to use. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the success of this but it does work fine in most cases unless you’re trying to use exotic hardware/software.

Still, I am very grateful that Renoise 2 developers have been gracious enough to allow AudioUnits plug-ins. I’ve always experienced greater stability and CPU milage/performance when using AU plug-ins. Even so, Renoise would be one of the few programs I would actually run VST plug-in on if I had to. I am amazed at how stable Renoise 2 is for Mac and how amazingly well it performs (even on my old Mac). No other program I use can open and use as many AU plug-ins at once without glitching or crashing.

AFAIK, there is no special Mac version of Windows. Macs are PC architecture these days. You can even run MacOS natively (non-emulated) on a PC with a small hack ;)