Renoise only

very nice sounds man, i like it

Your sounds are super unique. I love the velocity feel of the drum hits. Plus everything sounds super crisp, which is always nice. I also really like how you present the subtle melodic element. Nice track.

Really thick textured track man. Love the panning on those harmonic sounds. Propa liked it.

Thank you guys :)

David and Goliath fight - Renoise Versus Hi-end studio-gear and other DAWs at

Lets make Renoise bigger. I am always promoting Renoise as the tool to use in music-production and i tell people that Renoise can easily take a match with other so called “more professional DAWs”.
So now i am promoting some tracks i´ve made for the Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga) competition @ The tracks are all made in Renoise 2.8.
I hope that many fellow Renoisers sees the promotion value in this action and maybe even votes for my tracks.


Best Regards Mark aka Poolo ++++