Renoise performance on Bay Trail

I’m planning to get me an Asus Transformer book t100 with the new Bay Trail Z3740 Atom SOC.
These are a lot faster than the old Atoms. but has anyone any experience with Renoise on this?
I would like to run Renoise on the go with a couple of effects and 1 or 2 VSTi’s to make some drafts.

Thank you

UPDATE: Read my findings below

I used to run Renoise on an old Atom 1.6ghz netbook with 2GB of RAM. I don’t really use VST but I could usually run about 20-30 native Renoise effects and a couple VST effects. VSTIs were often skippy or lagged, but generally things went well enough to finish a song. I was, however, completely unable to play any of the demo songs that came with Renoise because it killed my CPU, yet somehow making my own tracks was fine. Also, if I used a VSTI it was a basic one. Something like Massive or another big instrument probably wouldn’t work.

I think you can take that info and a multiply it by however stronger the Baytrails are to get an idea?

I ran it on a 700MHz EeePC w/ 4GB hd and 512 MB. My problem was I couldn’t run much more than 2 tracks with 3 effects each before I had to render, and oh yeah, I needed to connect another LCD screen because it didn’t have the mandatory 1024x768. That was on linux. So yeah, it’ll run, and how much less flexibility you get you can only find out by trying it for some time, I’d think.

I found a T100 in my local store so I decided to buy it.
I installed all my plugins on it fired up Renoise and I was stunned!
I loaded up some heavy song with a couple native effects and Massive, 4 instances of Z3ta2+, Sylent1, Rapture, and MS20 VSTi’s. (cpu 70 to 80%)
Shockingly this little piece of hardware handled it perfectly!
after some more testing it plays all my work perfectly. sometimes when you press play directly after the song loaded it gives the ‘cpu-usage-to-high’ message.
But other than that it really beats my expectations!