Renoise+Pluggo - Sync Question

Anybody know anything about getting Pluggo’s “plugsync~” and “plugphasor~” to work with Renoise?

Should I just suck it up and learn how to code vst’s?

do you get different values from plugphasor when you change the bpm?

Off topic: Why did they cancel pluggo? i guess it’s because of Max4live

I haven’t been able to get any values from either of those objects (phasor or sync). It’s no biggy, just wondering. I’ve at least been able to make some pretty rad synths :)

My guess is that they stopped pluggo because they have some kind of exclusive deal with Ableton, so yeah, Max4live = stupid. To me it seems like they have a really paranoid business model. They don’t even sell their old software but they make all the demos totally available. At least the runtime versions don’t have an expiration.

I have absolutely no idea how you’re using plugsync and plugphasor, but before you start coding something, check out if the formula device can fill the gap?

ohhh woah that looks exactly like what i need, thanks danoise!

I don’t know the exact answer to this, but pluggo plugs have always been very buggy and slow when trying to initialize them, like they need some background framework (Max/msp) to open up first.

btw… where do i find this “formula device” ??

You copy and paste the XML snippet from this topic:

the topic is also pinned in the tips and tricks subforum.

oh my gorsh, what the blarp, thanks guys :)

Just wanted to mention that I figured out the problem :) All you have to do is uncheck the “autosuspend when silent” option from the “?” button on the instrument. This also works for the fx plugins. Not that it matters that much since Pluggo crashes Renoise constantly and randomly ugggg.

Does anybody have suggestions for other ways I might develop my own plugins? I’m looking at JUCE since that’s what max uses, but other than that, what should I be looking up as far as coding plugins. And I’m totally ok with not using per-developed libraries or whatever.

I would also like to add that this is really only an issue for me because I love Renoise so much<3 I just wanna build some synths and effects that work in it. Thanks.