Renoise + Quadrasid

Anyone else tested this VSTi with Renoise on a not-so-high-end-system?

My 1.2GHz iBook with 768MB ram just gets really laggy when I open the instruments editor. Is it because of my somewhat “slow” system or is it a some kind of bug?

and btw. this does happen with some other VSTi:s also… weird

What version of Quadrasid and Renoise are you running?

Renoise 1.5.1 and QuadraSID 1.5 demo

I’ve tried the Quadrasid 1.5 demo with Renoise 1.5.1 now on my PC (P4 2.4 GHz) and there’s no difference in speed/cpu-usage whether I have the instruments editor open or not. Maybe it is a bug related to the Mac-version? Someone else with an Apple-based computer might want to try this, but Renoise + Quadrasid works flawless from what I could see on the win32 platform.

Edit: Fixed typo; Renoise 1.5.1 of course, not 1.5.

Yes, thats Mac related only and will be fixed in 1.5.2 (which will be available very soon).

Whoa! That’s nice to hear.