Renoise Questions

Greetings, I’ve just a few questions regarding Renoise…

How does the MIDI sequencing/tracking compare to a hardware unit (Yamaha QY700) in terms of stability and ease of use. Stability aside, you obviously have a much larger display and easier navigation, but is there anything else? Also, how does the sampler compare to the MachFive and others.

And it is possible to sequence my hardware kit as well?

I don’t know your MIDI sequencer, but i could invite you to download the demo and test it out.
The demo is fully functional but lacks ASIO and rendering-to-disk features.
Lots of trickery to synchronise Renoise with other hosts can be done with MIDIYoke.

The sampler pretty basic though, but this is because of most functionality you can apply to samples can be found in the pattern commands and the DSP effects that can be applied to them.
Also it has no audio-in recording.

hmm… i always wondered, how is that to compose with those hareware units… i thought hardware sequencers are history… :)

so unfortunately i can’t tell you how renoise compares to them…

But i think that software is much more flexible… and renoise is pretty stable i have to say… :)

maybe i’m wrong but somehow i think that he dont have those hardware units… and so he want some info how they could compare…

to sine wave:
But if im wrong then yap, by downloading the renoise free demo you will get all your answers