Renoise Raveup

ok, drunk traktor3 mixing NFTW :unsure:

but what the hell, lots of problem throughout the mix, i was trying to acheive a really old sound by recordin all the tunes onto TDK tape, then backinto the computer… it didn’t work as well as i hoped. :wacko:

nevermind, try to enjoy. 100% renoise (with a bit of akai s950 for breakbeats, and juno2 noise)

01 medicine raver
01.5 angry charlie B interlude
02 untitled 01/09/08
03 jerichoverture the second
04 get the base
05 okay! go!
06 sun-scape
07 round the twist (08version)
08 peggy patch poppin’ pills
09 quad damage
10 drain bamage
11 return II swanlake
12 winston xperience
13 b2vos-C.E.
14 winston xperience (reprise)
15 YesFX
16 romford rinseout 92
17 tempo has reached critical level
18 yogi yankin’ cheeba snaxx

** i need to correct the tracklist, there’s errors, and there’s actually 20 tracks.

hmmmmh, no likes? i know the mixing is poor

I get a 404 :-\

edit: Ahhh… there’s a mistake in the link :…ixseptember.mp3 should be