Renoise & Reaktor

been using renoise 1.5 on my g4 powerbook osx 10.3.3 for a while now.
i got reaktor 4 yesterday and installation went fine works fine standalone and as a plugin in cubase sx 3.
when i started renoise it crashed instantly. restart renoise and it disables all the vst’s and won’t start them untill i remove the reaktor files.
any ideas?

I use Reaktor with Windows and its VSTi version was quite a disaster until Reaktor 4.1.something

If you’re using a previous version of 4.x, try to update.

yea i just used it staight outta the box with no updates…
i need to register before i can get updates tho…

I used 4 straight outta the box (on XP) and it worked fine… My updated version works great too.