Renoise/reaper/rewire Simplified (3 Mouse Clicks)

I did a tutorial to do this but it was a bit involved
So here is a super simple way to do it

1st click is boot Reaper
2nd click is load THIS project in Reaper
3rd click is load THIS project in Renoise

This will load Reaper and automatically load Renoise in Rewire slave mode
You now have an empty song in renoise with each track plus the master and s01 on there own channel in Reaper
They are foldered up in Reaper too

If you need help adding extra tracks and Rewiring em just ask here ;)


Oh PS i started converting my 2D theme for Reaper into a Renoise theme too
Dont expect any rush on this though ;)


Thanks for your effort. Unfortunately the reaper project does not work with reaper 3.0. Could you please update the project file if possible?
Also how could I do a midi-cc for a track mute/solo in reaper?
Would be great. :)

What issues are you having exactly ?
It works fine in v3 and v3.01 beta

To use MIDI CC to control anything at all in Reaper just go to the actions list
Search mute or solo and assign a CC


Thanks for the fast reply. The error message is:
“There was an error parsing the specified project”

I am using v3.0. Do you have an idea?

EDIT: Both files work fine after 3 or 4 download-trys. It seems that the uploader-service does not give the files directly somehow.
I will now try the midi stuff.

The midi stuff works very good with my PCR 300. Muting Tracks with Reaper is possible, and you can at the same time use Knobs to modify midi-cc in renoise. :) Just minimize reaper and do the live stuff with the new pattern-sequencer in renoise.
Thank you very much, Bungle, excellent!
I now will try to set up a live set and see if it will be comfortable to play live.

I’ve made something similar, but with multitrack routing support.

It has a default 1 on 1 Rewire routing for audio and midi as well. 8 Renoise tracks send their signals to 8 Reaper tracks and 4 Renoise Send busses to 4 Reaper tracks. The Reaper Track Template includes also 1 Renoise master track in Reaper (mixer only).

  • The master and child tracks in Reaper are grouped in parent to child direction for the mute, solo and record-arm features.

  • The Reaper Project Template has no further aditions as the Reaper Track Template, but it makes it possible to start with
    the Rewired Renoise tracks loaded from scratch.

  • The Renoise Song Template contains all the right routings for the Rewire connection to Reaper.

This way makes it possible to mix every single track from Renoise, in Reaper. So there’s no submix required via the Renoise Master track, but you can do all mixing in the same place.

If someone is interested, you can download the package containing all template stuff on the Reaper Stash via the link below;

Template stuff

A guiding readme file is included.