Renoise/reaper/rewire Video Tutorial


Shows how to use Reaper and Renoise together
We have been getting a bunch of these questions at the Reaper chat and since im the resident Renoise guy i was answering em all the time so i thought a video would explain best

Any questions just ask ;)

Oh there is a HTML and SWF in the zip file just run the html
I didn’t know how to post it in the WIKI or anything so if anyone wants to post it up there or such carry on


You could try uploading it on YouTube… then the link is pretty simple…:


Nah cant be done
Its interactive, Oh wait do you tube do intercative flash style stuff now ?
I dont go there much i’m afraid


You can do some hyperlinking and add captions… currently no fancy quiz or pan/zoom actions yet…

Another thing is you can upload HQ and HD which looks pretty swell in full screen.

I gotta get some web space for something else soon anyway so any tutorials i do like this i will just host there eventually ;)

Well if anybody finds em useful that is


just use youtube dude

The interactivity is well set up, but a bit boring, i even had to look closely to find there were arrows in the lower-right corner to continue.
Not that they are that small, but they appear subtly.
With a voice-over and live audio demonstration, you bring that stuff much more to live and it calls a lot more enthusiasm from the viewer.

Aaaaah no worries then
I dont really have time to go toi all that trouble so i wont bother doing anymore ;)
I’ll leave it to you guys who know what your doing


It’s not bad stuff, for the manual it would really be a great demonstration, it only lacks something catchy.

Oh if you wanted it for the manual i would write it out properly and do proper screen caps and stuff
Let me get back to you on that
I have to write a review today but i will try and get on it tomo ;)


Really cool tutorial, thank you for your effort! :)

yeah cool stuff! You’.d expect the renoise people to do this kind of stuff.

Not really
I think this is the sort of stuff we can do as a community ;)