Renoise Recording And Delta 44

anyone with a delta 44 or similar able to record within renoise?

AVB: Yeah, sure. I have an M-Audio Delta 44 and can record with Renoise both using ASIO/Directsound.

junior, care to explain to me how you do it? I’d appreciate it. ;)

got it! the problems was in the Monitor Mixer tab from the sound card, my WavOut 1/2 channels wasn’t raised to to 0.0dB.

once that was done I got response from Renoise. :yeah:

Sweet. :) I have had very little problems with the card, although I know M-Audio in general have had disputable drivers and so on. So I’m happy with it.

I was actuality starting to freak out. The thought of selling the card to get ab EMU even crossed my mind. but things are good now.

thx! ;)