Renoise Related Tracks Uploaded To Soundcloud


I’ve uploaded a few tracks to soundcloud, first time put public tracks on there. Last two did few months back. They are all arranged in Renoise with Renoise native FX , all sounds are recorded from various bits of hardware that I own (All originally created sounds, though allot of the FX would of been from the hardware originally) There are not VST’s used for creative stuff, only vst’s used are from wavelab when adding a eq & limiter to the final renders.

Thanks for taking a listen.

Edit: added other info.

Hello again,

Two more tracks uploaded to sound cloud (Filler & Padded) Again all arranged in renoise with renoise native FX, all sounds self created and recorded from hardware (Just a film sample in places on Padded, always try to keep thigns original, all self created sounds apart from the odd film sounds etc) these where created few months back, got 100’s tunes laying around will slowly get them uploaded for you all to have a listen.

Would appreciated some comments, tried to keep the sound as warm and punchy as possible, hardware sounds help allot with that, but tracks could do with a better master.