Renoise Replay Routine

okay, renoise 1.5 is final. it’s all we hoped for, and with the most important things now working fine, the need to use rns-files in productions has become obvious.

there was a discussion regarding this matter earlier, and i as far as i remember the problem was that the renoise file-format wasn’t stable.

i suggest that the format specifications are frozen, and that a replayer is released. the ideal thing would be if both a version with support for the internal dsp-effects and one without support for it were to be released, so that one can use renoise-files even in small productions.

i have a feeling that renoise can become the defacto-standard within the demoscene if the renoise crew play their cards right.

and let’s face it, i’d love to see my favourite music-creation tool become successful :)

before this can be made, we need a document refactoring, which is in progress.

Basically, the RNx formats will be completely XML-based.

I can’t ensure you that this will be implemented in next version, but the idea is now being taken seriously: we also think it’s time

Is there really a need for the devs to play their cards right? I can’t see one. Not unless they want to contribute to help keep the scene going somewhere.

I doubt the likelyhood of scene cred being more of a concern to most than advancing Renoise as a pro level tracker/sequencer. And that means tightening whatever is left of the gap.

Lets face it, succeeding, if the point of developing Renoise is to bring a tracker to that level, doesn’t depend on it being used by the scene. It depends on it being comparable to a pro level sequencer. Whether it has an intuitive interface and functions that rival or expand on the existent, or not. Alot of these are there, I grant you, but some aren’t, and I hope they take priority.

hcys, this is not only a scene-related thing.

Apart from the fact that a document refactoring is needed for internal reasons (backward compatibility improved, to name one), letting people to code RNS players (or add RNS support to their existing players) can be a very popular choice for non-sceners too.

Oh yea I see.
If it helps internally I can look at it in a different light. Having the ability to preview .rns files with VST plugins would be alot better than rendering everything and keeping 2 sets of files. Thirdly it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you could import .rns into other apps somewhere down the road.
Sorry if my post was a little agitated, but the initial post seemed to fasten Renoise’s success on whether or not it is used by the scene.
I used to be a scener, and whilst I have alot of reverence for it, I think that’s a narrow remark.

Another advantage of the XML format is tools can be created to translate the formats to music-partitures which is particulary interesting for some countries like Italy where music can only be officially registered when it is being delivered upon paper.