Renoise requirements?

I can’t find the requirements Renoise sets for a computer hardware. I mean how fast has a processor to be, how much memory and what kind of a soundcard is needed aso. Why aren’t these written on an ‘about’ page for example? Searching this forum didn’t give me any info on that.

Open Renoise Help File that comes with Renoise installation:

  • About Renoise / Requirements

It’s good to know that you can find it in a help file but wouldn’t it be wise to put that information on ‘About’ page as well? I mean if someone has an old computer - luckily I don’t - and Renoise won’t work on it then what’s the point in downloading Renoise and finding out afterwards that the program doesn’t work? Usually all programs have minimum requirements for hardware and information concerning that is available on a developers homepage.

the most important requirement (and probably the only one) is that Renoise required Direct X 8.0. And this requirement is already noted on download page since version 1.0. And regarding XP it already has DX 8.1 so it will work on practically default configuration.

The other requirements are more-less logical… mouse, keyboard, sound card… but nevertheless they are metioned in detail in help file anyway.

Other than that Renoise has no special requirements like special hardware, it works very much on basic PC setup (providing that DX is installed). Therefore, specially noted requirements are not really needed.

Ok I get it now. Thanks for the information.