Renoise Restarts Pc, Please Help.

Hi I have just downloaded the latest version of Renoise and when I run it, it gets to the starting window in the centre of the screen and then my PC just restarts, so I cannot actually get into Renoise. I have an athlon xp 2800 running on windows XP, I have tried reinstalling, any help would be greatly appreciated.


you need to be more detailed than that… post your drivers/soundcard and the log.txt file in the renoise directory.

does any other app do the same thing? does xp give a blue screen before rebooting?

I have a soundblaster Live, it doesnt crash on any other programs, and a blue screen does not appear when I load Renoise. The computer just restarts after the inital window appears as if you had pressed the reset button.

Heres the log:

Version : Renoise V1.281
Builddate : Oct 24 2003

in Main:

Player : Constructing
Player : constructing FINISHED
GUI : ----------------------
GUI : constructing MainnWindow
GUI : constructing SubViews
MIDI : opening SB Live! MIDI UART
MIDI : opening B: SB Live! MIDI Synth
MIDI : opening Creative S/W Synth

hmm… i’m out of ideas… maybe one of the renoise developers can help? pardon me.

What you experience is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It is probably caused by any of the drivers installed on your system. To get the BSOD screen goto Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Settings and uncheck the “Automatically Restart” under the “System Failure” area. The next time this will happen you will get a bluescreen instead of an restart. On this bluscreen you should be able to get a STOP-message and maybe also the name of the drivers that is causing the problem. You can also see older stop-messages in the eventlog.
Here you’ll find explantations of stop messages and how to trobleshoot them:

Can you please cut and paste the exact STOP-message you get? Does the Bluscreen name any file or driver who is cauing the error?
When no driver is named in the bluescreen DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is often caused by damaged RAM or virtual memory. Try to delete the page-file (by setting it to 0MB, restart and then set it back to the original size). If that doesn’t help you shall try to make a memory-check on your RAM-circuits. What motherboard do you have? Does it have automatically memory-test? If so turn it on and run it. I have an ASUS-board myself and I turn on the memory-test by disable the “Quick Power On Self Test” in bios. Check if your motherboard has somthing similar. A quick memory test doesn’t help, you have to make a deep scan of your RAM-chips. This often take 5-20 minites depending on how much ram you have in your computer. I’ve suffered from 2 damaged RAM-circuits myself and have experienced the exact same behaviour as you.
If your motherboard doesn’t have a built in memory-test you can try MemTest86

And btw, this error is without doubt not explicitly caused by Renoise, renoise only triggers the error.

Since the last line in the log is:

MIDI : opening Creative S/W Synth

Try disabling this in your system configuration.