Renoise & Revisit Idea...

Does Renoise and ReViSiT together provide a ghetto way to play more than one pattern at the same time?

I a too tired to check the possibilities. I will do so tomorrow if no one has bothered…

Right, I am awake now.

I installed ReViSiT into Renoise and it loads as a VSTi. It seemed to open properly with no problems.

I have not tested it due to being at work, but I imagine it would be good to write a load of patterns in ReViSiT and trigger them in Renoise.

This way you could open up the arrangement possibilities a bit.

Has anyone else tried this before?

Not really, but RevisIT is slowly developing towards a more useful situation.
You can ofcourse attempt to solve the lacks of an extended arranger with it, but i believe most folks prefer EnergyXt above RevisIT for this.

can you point me in the right direction of some info on energyxt’s usage as an arranger?

I tried working with the ‘MIDI Part’ objects for a while. With this you can trigger patterns with a keystroke, works okay and you don’t feel too detached from the tracking environent. The problem is that, as with samples, you have to track back to the trigger point to hear the pattern play.

The sequencer in energyXT can solve this since it is completely syncable to renoise, but then you end up shifting parts all the time. Because when you reorder patterns in renoise you also have to update the patterns in energyXT. Double the arranging work then, which is defeating the purpose of using it.

There’s also a live mode in the sequencer with which you can trigger stuff in a similar way as MIDI Part, but I don’t think it’s that useful - it’s a lot of work to set up.