Renoise + Revisit = Ultra Power Arranger!

Seems like a lot of features mentioned in Ideas and Suggestions thread are possible now, with the use of ‘IT2 within Renoise’ tracking, thanks to ReViSiT tracker. You can now hook it up as a VSTi from within Renoise, and use notes in Renoise to trigger whole patterns in ReViSiT. Smokey.

Yep, that’s cool:

(above quote from )

not for mac.

to mac or not to mac.


big mac

I might just try this as a beatslicer :o

i gotta try this tonight :yeah:

Not for linux.
I am a sad panda.

i was wondering why anyone would want a tracker inside a tracker, but this sounds interesting.

i still need to figure out a good way to use this in renoise?

any clues??

I’ve not used it yet but I’m guessing it’ll work as an arpeggiator?

Make a revisit pattern with a 16 note ostinato or whatever, then trigger it from renoise with a -/+ transposition if you want, depending on what note you use to trigger the pattern.

Or is that bollocks?

Maybe I’m officially “doing it wrong” but I have yet to get revisit to work well. The only thing I’ve gotten it to do with some success is render an IT file better than Renoise does (not a stretch) but not as accurately as Chibitracker or any number of players can, so while I still have it and I signed up for his little experiment… I don’t think it’s for me.

still need to figure out how i trigger whole patterns in revisit.with notes from renoise :blink:

Observe that you need the “Pro Edition” of ReViSiT for the triggering of patterns (a comment just in case anyone downloads the standard version…).

You can get the Pro version for free if you register your data.

I want to visit the Revisit page. It seems that isn´t any longer avaible. :huh:

I can still reach it…


Hmm? This is mysterious because my firefox send me this:

Address Not Found

Firefox can’t find the server at

The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.

  • Did you make a mistake when typing the domain? (e.g. “” instead of “”)
  • Are you certain this domain address exists? Its registration may have expired.
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It’s working here. Try again.

Check your internet settings perhaps or maybe your internet hosting provider has a connection problem to one of the major trunks?
The website is up so it must either be behind your router or your ISP who has a problem.