Renoise Rewire Bus Settings Not Saved On Crash

when renoise does like to crash, rewired into ableton live 8.1.3… the saved crash .xrns that renoise saves misplaces all mixer / any settings and the track you load back defaults to mixer1-2 main out. i’ve now been trying to get a master outwav out of a roughly finished remix which uses 22 tracks over the course of the song. whenever renoise crashes on save, i lose them and have to go through a previous, but not full, save, save screenshots and try and get the channel bus settings into any kind of a semblance of sense. the track is slowly changing and starting to lose its original settings… and i just keep wondering, can’t .xrns renoise crashed modules please have the bus settings somehow saved :( :( :( :( :(

Could you please let us know why and how it crashed? This looks like the far more important issue here.
ANYTHING can happen after a crash. You can be lucky that the song loads at all.